Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm starting a tag...

This Moment: Somewhat irritated/guilty for being irritated
Your Shoes: Off
Craving: Toast, butter and Marmite
The State of Your Home: Higgledy-Piggledy
Annoyed By: Celyn tapping my arm every 15 seconds to look at her drawing (bad mother, bad mother)
In The Background: My mum's TV and the sound of the extractor fan in the bathroom
Really Want To: Eat toast
Thinking About: BYU days
Smelling: Left-over dinner
Nearest Scrapbooking Product: Pile of magazines
Don't Ever Want To: Stop learning
Your Eyes: Need testing
The Weather: Dull
Have Never Tried: Sushi
Think Everyone Should Try: reading the Book of Mormon
Last Holiday Destination: Cornwall
Best Thing You Did Today: Gave a lesson at church
The Last Thing You Had to Drink: Lemon Fanta
Your Bad Habit: Leaving the bathroom door open when I wee (drives Danny crazy!)
What You're Going To Do Now: Tidy, and check what time Big Brother's on (final tonight!!)

And I tag Nicola, Carrie and Sue.

Chortle chortle...

Celyn's watching Joseph in her bedroom again. A 4 year old's version of the songs:

"There's been a run of crazy dreams, and the man who can in turn it, could be a superstar"

or (very earnestly):

"Those Canaan days we used to know, where have they gone, where diiiiiiiiiiiiid they goooooo?"


8 more sleeps and we go see it in real life at The Grand Theatre. Danny can hardly wait! LOL

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Rach!

I do have the most fabulous Creative Team at Scrappers Unlimited and today is the birthday of one of them...the fabulous* Rachel Millington (* talented, funny, great to chat to for hours on the phone, hard working, and did I mention talented and funny?). So, as she is a lover of all things Oriental, I sent her these orchids this morning. And she (because she received a bit of a fabby Canon camera today from her fella) took this rather fetching photo of them for me (you do always wonder when you order flowers over the phone what sort of tat they might end up with!)

And to anyone whose birthday it has been and I have sent them nary even a daisy, let alone orchids, may I just say that it is one of my goals this year to be more diligent on the friends' birthdays front. And Rach has lucked out because her birthday is in January, before I get time to be a waster goal setting drop out! LOL

Have a JOYOUS day Rach. Mmmmwaaah!!

Huff Puff

Well I've spent all week sorting out bits of paper. The up side is my house is inordinately orderly. To me. The rest of my family may think the piles of crap all over the floor are just piles of crap, but to me they are SORTED piles of crap, that just need putting away. Which is now easy, because they are sorted. I've just got to add up some numbers, ring my accountant on Monday so he can work out the tax, and then go to the tax office and give them the form, and then to the bank to pay the tax. Peachy.

The down side to shuffling paper all week is I've done little else (apart from feed the family and ferry Celyn to and from school). And I have a ton of scrapbooky things I need (neeeeeeeeed) to get done pronto.

So of course I've been catching up on a few blogs this morning, as you do when you have lots of deadlines looming *sigh* And a couple of things have caught my eye. On Mormon Mommy Wars there's been an interesting discussion about language and phrases that drive one crazy. Such as my own personal favourite...when people say "I did it off my own back." It's BAT, folks...BAT! And don't even get me started on spelling and grammar. But while I'm on the subject... it's "loose" when your trousers are flapping around your waistband, and "lose" when you can't find something. Don't mix them up or I'm likely to tut. And "alot" is not a word. It's TWO words. A lot. And (as eloquently explained by Ross in one episode of Friends), 'your' means belongs to you..."your book, your pencil, your backside" whereas 'you're' (note apostrophe) means YOU ARE..."you're going to the cinema" "you're going to get Chrissie tutting at you if you mix up your yourses." Same with 'their', 'there' and 'they're'.

I'm a grammar nazi. I can understand people not knowing how to spell uncommon words... I do look things up occasionally myself. But when writing everyday-all-garden-so-blinkin'-common-it's-unbelievable words, then it's just bone idleness not to learn how to spell things correctly. Pah! "I see grammatical mistakes *says she, in a 'Sixth Sense' voice* ...they're everywheeeeere!"

However, I don't get all bent out of shape about pronounciation. I remark on it because I really enjoy accents and dialects...I love that we all speak differently (imagine if we all said everything exactly the regional/national accent or dialect...that would be so dull!) and if I were ever to do my Masters in English, that would definitely be my thesis subject. I love it when Swansea people say "fabberluss" for fabulous (fab-u-luss), and "morve" for mauve (I say 'mow-ve'). It even makes me chuckle when Americans say "Wor-cester-shire" for 'Woos-Tuh-Shuh'. I think 'bathers' instead of 'swimming costume' is fun. And I got teased last week at our Shape-Up for Design seminar when I said "muh-stosh" (moustache) in front of a room of Welshies. Julia was repeating, "Ooo muh-STOSH, muh-STOSH!" in a posh voice, and they all agreed (apart from English Sue!) that it was, indeed, 'muh-STASH'.

"Chrissie, Chrissie...I say muh-stosh too. Ignore them" says Sue. She's from Northampton. LOL

So. What words and phrases that people say or spell wrong drive you nuts? I can't be alone... can I?

* Edited to add another one I just thought of. I really really wish people would learn how to use either "my friend and I" or "my friend and me". Both are correct, depending on the sentence. "My friend and I went shopping" is correct, but "The bird flew near my friend and I" is NOT! It should be "The bird flew near my friend and me". And if you want an explanation as to why, then I shall witter on for a bit more.

Monday, January 22, 2007

All I have to say is...

Tax Return. Due NOW!!! Must DO! NOW!

Thank you for all your good wishes. I feel 100% fine now thank you (apart from Doing The Tax Return Blues). Danny, however, had 'man-vomiting' and was much much more unwell than me.


I'll see you on the other side of the invoices and paperwork... bleuh.

Friday, January 19, 2007

How many expressions are there...

for vomiting?


I know there are lots more. But because I feel so nauseous, my brain has shut down in sympathy. Husband's had it worse than me (4 times worse*) but I still feel vile. Celyn had a throwing-up bug last Saturday (24 hours) when (which IS quite amusing) she spewed on her Nanny's dog's head. Ha ha ha ha ha. Poor Mintoes! However, it seems, she has lovingly passed it on to me and Danny. The day before the seminar. And the day of the Swansea Crop.

* Edited to say twice as worse, as I have thrown up yet again. Ain't that nice?!

So I'm staying home tonight and Sue's running the crop for me (bless her). And I'd better feel better in the morning or it's going to be a nightmare of a day. Spew.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

When you THINK your children have been naughty...

Surely little could beat this.

*hyperventilate, hyperventilate*

I mean REEEEALLY hyperventilate! I'm surprised this mother had the calmness to even take a picture! Perhaps she used it as evidence in the court case as to why she was giving up the children for adoption...?


I'm It

Just remembered (because I've been stooopid busy) that I got tagged by Nattie. Huzzah!

So...what I've got to do (for tag number 1) is:

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence.
3. Post the text of the following three sentences on your blog.
4. Name of the author, and book.
5. Tag three people of you own.

Ummm...I'm striking out here as the nearest book to me was Apples for Jam (recipe book) which had a honking great picture on page 123. Start again. The next nearest book was a children's version of The Iliad and The Odyssey which Celyn had migrated into the office for me. Doesn't even reach page 123. Ho hum. START AGAIN! we go...3 sentences from page 123 of Spiritual Roots of Human Relations by Stephen R Covey:

"How widespread is this mote/beam sickness! To some degree, it afflicts all of us. The doctrine of magnifying our own stewardship is the only medicine that will bring about a permanent cure. In other words, to improve a situation, I must improve. To change my wife, I must change."

This is my husband's book as I'm not a huge Stephen R Covey fan I would like to point out. But GOOD POINT Mr Covey! LOL

Next tag from Nat was: Who am I? Describe your personality in a paragraph or two.

Blimey...that's a bit deep for a Thursday afternoon innit?! Right...I shall answer in a bit of a stream of consciousness typie manner:

A child of God is one of my first thoughts. My beliefs have and still shape who I am and how I behave and how I repent of how I behave sometimes (bwaahaahaa!). And how I think of others. I am wholly imperfect is the next thought. And I am a bit of a paradox...I am confident in lots of ability to get things done right, to learn, to organise, to teach, to talk to people in certain setting (put them at their ease, etc). And yet I'm incredibly insecure when it comes to one-on-one friendships and also my body (both of those cover a huge spectrum of behaviour). So people read me wrong and think I have broader shoulders than I do, and I get terribly hurt if people are mean to me. I'm also a paradox in that I am a worker...I work hard and expect others to work hard too...but then I can be dreadfully lazy sometimes as well.

I think I have a good sense of humour...a sense of the ridiculous...and I never take myself too seriously. I can be intolerant (bad Chrissie, bad) and impatient...intolerant of stupidity and inefficiency, and people smoking anywhere near me (I'm shockingly rudely intolerant of that). And I have a personality where I am able to watch behaviour and see both sides of a situation. And finally I am fiercely loyal and very loving towards people I care about (even though they might not know it). I will happily give people hugs and kisses and tell them how I feel about them, given half the chance! BUT I detest confrontation if it's negative...I'll run a mile in the other direction rather than tell someone they've upset me.

Ta da! Phew, that was hard!

Okay...I tag Sue, Debbie and Rach. For both. Hah!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Crafty Women's Tips And Fiddles

Oh my heavens this is SO SO FUNNY! Thanks to Amber for telling me about it. Had Husband and me wetting ourselves laughing.

The Highest of Honours

Okay. Now I love a good laugh. So I do have a blog on my Blog Scraps list which I call 'The Funniest Blog in the World' because it has made me laugh till I cry.

But I think we have a new favourite. Oh yes. Because (here's the clincher)...I am hooting like a demented tawny owl. All thanks to Lorraine of the Scrap Cafe who emailed me this link this morning. Her email was entitled 'Whose Husband Is This?' and I have to put up my hand and say, "Yep. I think that would be mine."

Too hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaariously funny.

Scrapbook Widower Go click on that link. And enjoy a ROFLPIMP!!! Waaahaaahaaaaa ha ha!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stop Press!!

I've had lots of people asking for us to teach in the South/South East and I'm pleased to announce we shall be teaching our Shape Up seminar in Reading on Saturday, 28 April. The seminar will be up to book fairly soon on the Scrappers Unlimited website (just putting some finishing touches to the details) and then you lovely lot can get booking!!!!




Short for Sneak Peek you know. Because you are (in the nicest possible way) All & Sundry (sounds like a firm of solicitors doesn't it? LOL...Messrs All & Sundry).

Anyhooooo...this is another of the Shape Up for Design classes that we (that be me and Julia) begin teaching this Saturday at Crafty-Ness' studios in Caerphilly. I am crazy busy this week getting that ready (i.e. finishing 12 page handout, writing up class instructions, making sure all kit papers/bits and bobs are ordered, making up kits, rocking gently in a soothing manner), sorting out my classes for the Create & Craft day (again in Caerphilly) on 3 Feb, sorting out the Swansea Crop this Friday, ordering papers for the next S Wales Crop and...oh yeah...getting my tax return done (which has to be in before 31 January--blummin' heck).

Plus run a house. And look after a four year old.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... (that's laughter nigh on hysteria, if you are failing to recognise the slightly unhinged tone of the mirth).

Monday, January 15, 2007

A diverse post

Awww. I love children's drawings. These works are the artist Miss Celyn circa January 07, age 4 years 4 months, in the 'enfant mimie' style, completed as a set in church (at least, that's what it'll say in the auction catalogue when she's a famous artist :-D )

Had a lovely day at The South Wales Crop on Saturday. I've now decided that I must find time to do at least one of the classes offered at a crop, as that is by far the only scrapping I ever get done at such events. I completed Helen's lovely class and that was the extent of all scrapbooking I did in the 6+ hours I was there. Ho hum.

So. Changing the subject completely. Who saw Jermaine Jackson singing I Want You Back in the Big Brother house last night? Oh my word, does that man still have it? Yes he DOES! I was lying on the sofa watching the show and when the Jackson 5 Tribute Band performance started, singing that classic classic number, I was vertical within 15 seconds just looooooving the feast of 70s groovy fabulousness. Got to love the Jackson 5. Seriously. If you don't, then I don't know if I can be your friend any more.

It was only my desire to watch every single second of the performance (which was incredibly funny as well) that stopped me from copying all the dance steps myself around the living room. No wonder they won with 75% of the vote!!! How interesting though that although he hasn't done that routine in yeeeeeears, he knew it all perfectly. A testament to how much they rehearsed and how many times they performed it. And how interesting that some of the other housemates said afterwards that they couldn't take their eyes off him while he was singing it, and they were all rather in awe even despite their own celebrityness. No kidding--that band are legendary.

And if Celyn's drawings and a picture of Jermaine Jackson in a fake afro aren't the most diverse set of pictures on a blog entry, then I don't know what is! Bwaahaaahaaa!

Have to say though, all those horrible girls bitching about Shilpa all the time are driving me completely demented. I seriously want to slap the lot of them. Good for Cleo who has stayed right out of it. Jermaine and Cleo are definitely my favourites in there, and get Jade out (could that girl's big wooden spoon stir any faster I ask?). I just cannot abide nasty, sniping, mean, gossiping women.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


When we went to the panto a few weeks ago courtesy of Uncle Jeff, I noticed that Joseph & His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was coming to the Swansea Grand. I completely love that musical and so was very happy when Celyn also seemed keen to come and see it. Tickets are now bought (woo hoo!) and darling daughter and I have been singing along and discussing the story to the Donny Osmond CD (with the Toronto cast, where he performed in the show for 6 years). Every time we get in the car. Much to Danny's chagrin (he makes faces akin to someone under torture).

And so today I got Husband to hook up our now dinosaur extinct video player (which is only about 2 years old!) to the little portable telly and put them in Celyn's room, so she can watch the Donny Osmond video of Joseph (made in 1999 in the UK...which is about the time I met Mr Osmond himself. Now there's a story...)

I am not a fan of children having tellies in rooms. The amount of terrible things that are on TV these days, it is just not appropriate (IMHO) to have TV where they can freely watch more or less what they want. But as a one off to watch Joseph, which (IMHO) is good Sunday viewing, then I was Mrs Naggy Britches getting Danny to set it all up.

And do you know what?

My office is next to Celyn's bedroom and at the moment she is lying in bed, singing along to the parts she remembers...and it is her THIRD run through of the video today. I've never ever known her be so so so into a film before and I'm so chuffed I can't tell you. Because now I have visions of Celyn and me watching all the musicals together and going to the theatre together, because Husband hates them.

She takes after MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! (I love love love love love love LOVE musicals, oh yes I do!)

Blogger's being a norty noo noo and not letting me post pictures. Big tsk! I'll tell you about my encounter with Mr Osmond next post :D If you're good.

Friday, January 12, 2007

More events booking

I have just finished loading a couple more of the Scrappers Unlimited Design Seminars onto the Scrappers website. Two more seminars to get booking. So go see...go on, go on!

I can't linger this morning as I've just had a phone call (literally just put the phone down) from Husband who has locked his keys in his car.

*Chrissie breathes very very very quietly, slowly shuts her eyes and sighs*

Danny: Are you busy?

Me: Whyyyyyyyyyy? *said very very suspiciously*

Danny: Well (goes into rambling story about picking up something from somebody and someone not hearing the doorbell so going back to his car to phone the house and then locking keys in the car)

Me: Oh no!

Danny: So can you come over and get me?

[bearing in mind that my real work of the day is done when Celyn is at school in the mornings, which is NOW]

Me: *trying to be kind* Oh. Okay. Shall I bring the second set of keys?

Danny: This is the second set of keys. *giggles nervously* [i.e. he's locked the second set of keys in the car and he's lost the first set of keys]

Me: *breathes, sighs, shuts eyes* Riiiiiiight. *trying harder than ever to be kind* Right. I'll be right over.

So. Please go and book and brighten my day... :D

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's Competition Time

Well, I'm appealing to all you clever people out there who can do this sort of stuff. As you can see, I've recently done a bit of a new look on my blog. Slapped on a fresh coat of paint and changed the furniture around. But I am so completely hopeless when it comes to creating banners (the wonders of Photoshop are a mystery to me) and I need a new one. Desperately. My poor blog looks very very sad at the moment without anything but words at the top. Poor sad old blog.

So...I thought I'd run a little competition. If you would like to design a new blog banner for me, I will send the person who makes my favourite one...the one I use...a big pizza box FULL of stash (cardstock, papers, charms, stickers, fibres, ribbons, brads, etc.).

So who's up for it? Eh? Eh? I'd be EVER SO grateful!

My email address is and the deadline is Wednesday, 31 January (that's 3 weeks today).

Circles and Twirls

This is another of my layouts for the Shape Up for Design seminars. Well...part of it anyway...for delegates' eyes only at the moment.

Two days, two layouts AND I'm back in my normal twirly whirly style. The sun's come out (although apparently there's another 'front' scudding across the Atlantic towards Wales - grrr! - but we'll completely and utterly ignore that fact for now). I just LOVE SUNSHINE. Seven more weeks till March which is a Spring month, oh yes it is. AND it's Desperate Housewives Wednesday (got to love that show!). AND tonight is eviction night in Big Brother.

Ah me. All's well with the world.

I felt a bit discouraged yesterday because both of my 'Get Healthy in 2007' buddies, Debbie and Linz, had lost 8lbs in their first week of eating in a diety type manner. And I lost half that. But this is my big downfall... I get down and then give up. Husband said the same to me when I first started--his one big piece of advice was "Just don't give up this time. If you have a bad day, pick yourself up and carry on. Don't give up!" Anyone would feel discouraged with that dreadful grey, rainy, grey, miserable, grey sky for days on light = sad Chrissie.

So. Today is The Sun's Come Out So Don't Give Up Day! *Chrissie rattles a collection box and proffers an Angel Kiss flower in the form of a badge* Sounds like a song from 'Annie' doesn't it?

MUST do some exercise today. Hoo haa!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Here's the first...

...of my 2007 teasers *phnaar* Just a little corner of my latest layout which all and sundry aren't allowed to see just yet. Sorry sundry.

I've been working like the clappers to put together the Shape Up for Design seminar which Julia and I are teaching all over the place this year (along with the other two design seminars). Five layouts between the two of us, plus a 12 page booklet handout, plus instruction sheets for each project--and then sorting out who's coming, what they want for lunch, making up the kits--it doesn't take half a day to sort out, that's for sure.

Yesterday I was working on one of my layouts - It's All About Love. It needed to be in a graphic, clean style to teach the delegates some particular principles...and this style is not normally me. I can't tell you how desperate I was to start throwing on circles and swirls. But I got there in the end! And today I am working on a layout with circles and twirls and all I want to do is graphic.

Contrary moo.

And as for this weather. I mean, I'm sorry to get so hackneyed as to talk about the weather but really, it does take the piddle, it really does. Days on end of a grey bowl covering my piece of the earth, with drizzly murky rain and even more grey murky light (NOT very good for getting shots of one's lovely new layouts, now is it? Eh? Eh? Had to resort to sitting in the car at lunch time when the sun *snort* is at its highest in the sky *snort* to get some decent photos. Any neighbours who witnessed it must have thought me deranged).

I feel a little tantrum coming on, so I think I shall go make a sandwich and get on with my layout instead.

Only one place left at the Shape Up for Design Seminar in Caerphilly by the way.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I've been having a play...

What do you think?

I want to change my header which is why I haven't replaced the old one...but also I'm Mrs Dozy when it comes to creating such stuff (anyone fancy doing one for me? *sigh*)

New elements apart from the very very boring header(!) are the 'What's Entertaining Me Scraps' section on the sidebar with little pictures (ho yeah) and the very cute Total Visitors scrolling bar with a little ladybird who flutters in and out and who I shall call LooLa.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

So who wants to come scrapping then?

Finally finally finally I've got back to work and I've been a whirling dervish today, indeedy doody.

And one of the things I've been doing is preparing and uploading the info for our new design seminar...Shape Up for Design. The very first of these this year will be held at Crafty-Ness in Caerphilly (that's in South Wales) at 9.30 to 5pm, Saturday 20 January. The day includes five classes with full kits, all with the theme of shape and all interrelated, and we aim to show our delegates how great designers use shape to best effect, so that their designs are interesting, cohesive and beautiful. You'll receive a fab handout to review the things you've learnt during the day too.

We love teaching these the end of each one Julia and I always agree that the most rewarding thing is that we actually TEACH something. People leave with new ideas on how to create their own designs because they've been given real design tools to use. So it will be exciting to get out on the road again and teaching again, which is certainly what I love to do!

The day also includes lunch, a goody bag, and 5% off purchases at the shop that day. So if you fancy booking you'd better be quick as most of the places have already gone before we even start! LOL Cerrrraaaazy. Take a look at the Seminars page on the Scrappers Unlimited website now. And take a peek at our feedback on these seminars too :D

Right. I'm on a to keep on keepin' on. Next! *ding ding*

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Keep meaning to say...

Do you guys know about Bloglines? It is a fantastic FREE service where you make your own list of blogs you like to read regularly, and then when the blog author updates, it tells you (you just go to Feeds and it highlights and lists all the blogs that have been updated).

I use it all the time (as I couldn't possibly trawl through all 60+ blogs I like to nose at on the off-chance that they may or may not have updated it!). Gosh...60+ blogs...I seriously don't sit here looking at blogs all day...honest I don't guv'ner. Honest.

Later bloggy peeps.

Edited to add instructions for how to use Bloglines!


Go to and register an account (very quick...they just want an email addy, a password, your time zone (that's GMT if you're here in Britain!), and your language. Done.

Right...Then log in (email addy and password)
Then click on Subscribe (which is on the home page, in yellow, at the top of the circle of titles)

Then type in the address of the blog you want to watch...i.e. and click Subscribe next to it.

THEN...You may be given 2 or 3 options of 'feeds'. I usually just click the one that has the most subscribers to it (I don't really understand what that part is...but hey, my system works for me! LOL)
Ignore everything else...unless you want to watch a blog and don't want people to know you're watching which case click on Private in the Access block.

Then click Subscribe again at the bottom. Done.

You will see the blog you just subscribed to on the left. The ones that have been updated are always in bold.

To add a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Add at the top of the list on the left, and start the process again.

Hope that makes sense to everyone :D

So when do you do yours?

Are you one of those people who are dragging the tree back into the garage at 1 minute past midnight on 27 December, or possibly as people are still singing Auld Lang Sayne? Or do you stretch it out till the bitter end, and wait until the very last evening of 12th night before all the Christmas paraphernalia comes down?

I had intended to get all the decorations down by today but realised yesterday that my auntie and uncle are coming by for a visit on their way home from a 2 day break at The St David's Hotel and Spa (there's posh!), so I have to keep the house looking festive until they've gone. Probably as they're walking up the path to their car actually - LOL. I'm itching to get it all down now...but then again, the tree does look so pretty lit up at night.

Anyway, as the last hurrah before Christmas is officially over chez nous, here are a few of my holiday photos for your delight. Blogger has been mucking me about for the last day or so and not letting me upload photos (grrrr!) so I hope that it will let me....

Top two photos: Celyn and Nana on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day...Celyn searching for her presents (she can read her name now!!) Celyn and her friend from school caught eating the Quality Street (day after Boxing Day). Celyn (and her daddy) in her new Christmas jim-jams from Nana (which, in a happy manner, matched the tree and daddy's hat!) (Christmas Day evening).

Monday, January 01, 2007

Going Public

That's one blog title you don't want to do a typo on... (bwaahaahaa)

Okay. Here we are then. Happy New Year and all that.

January 2007.

The 1st of.

A new month and a new year.

It's like a brand new, clean stack of exercise books at school (from which, of course, you take yours from at least 3 down because no one but no one takes the TOP they?)

It's like a brand new car...unsullied by crumbs or family faloolaa.

It's like a brand new scrapbooking tote...all clean and lovely and waiting to be filled with stash but in an orderly and pleasing manner.

Enough of the analogies already.

I'm going public. Because it's got to be done.

My mate Debbie told me a couple of weeks ago that she's been diagnosed borderline diabetic and because it is in her family, she is determined (De. TER. mined) not to become diabetic and be having to inject herself every day and all that. So it's a healthy, get fit and happy life from tomorrow.

And I will be joining her. Because I pondered her quest and thought she could do with the support. And also because I am so badly overweight it's not funny (since I got married, and then more pounds went on when I was pregnant). And I don't want to have any fatty diseases either. I want to go into Next and be able to wear any of the clothes in there. I want to run and play with my daughter. I want to be able to go places and not feel uncomfortable because I don't have the right clothes (because I can't find any) or shoes. I want to feel sexy. And I don't want to miss out on opportunities because of my body!


I'm going public.

I'm getting healthy in 2007. This is my year. Me and my mate Debbie.

Go us!