Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So here's a bit of trivia...

I was reading Andrea's blog http://just-about-perfect.blogspot.com/2007/11/book-shelves.html and she says that she was reading a parenting magazine which said that children under 7 just can't look at book spines on a bookshelf and take a book out. Or put it back. They just CAN'T. It's not that they're lazy toe-rags, pulling every book off the shelf and leaving them all over the floor, and then putting them in a PILE on the shelf when you tell them for the umpteenzillionth time to put them back again aaarg! Not that I've had THAT experience. Ha.

If I went and took a photo right now of Celyn's room... *sigh* And on looking for an appropriate photo of a messy bookshelf to brighten up my post, I then saw this picture...of COURSE that's why they have those sorts of bookshelves for kids. There's actually a psychological reason for it that I'd never known about before. So the article Andrea references there makes SO much sense to me.
However, Celyn (and I) have a gazillion children's books, so how can she look at them and put them away more easily if not on a shelf? And the shelf pictured is £120 so that's not happening either (not that it would hold all her books).
Answers on a bloggy postcard please to the usual address.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you speeeeeeshaaaall?

Actually I do have a particular revulsion for that spelling of speshal...I mean SPECIAL!!

I've been pounded by life this year and I feel pretty vulnerable at the moment, so I'm commencing my blog by invitation only. I enjoy blogging and do feel the urge to write again...I guess I stopped because I felt like a fake, not really giving a true picture of what was going on in my life. And the harder life got (because it's been really bad sometimes) the less I wanted to write anyway. And as things have played out, I was right to trust my gut feelings about telling all the world my business...they haven't all treated that information very well. But I do have a goal to be a 'kind blog' so I'm not going there on here.

So, if you're reading this, you've been invited by me and you're special. Not in a clique way you understand. In a protecting my fragile self kind of way? Comprendez? I hope you can respect that? Blogging is very much also about me keeping a diary in a way so it'll be good to get back to that and I'll be writing copious amounts very soon. And if you want to read it, then that's fine and dandy.

Thank you for being my friends ...and I've never meant that more.