Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Circles and Twirls

This is another of my layouts for the Shape Up for Design seminars. Well...part of it anyway...for delegates' eyes only at the moment.

Two days, two layouts AND I'm back in my normal twirly whirly style. The sun's come out (although apparently there's another 'front' scudding across the Atlantic towards Wales - grrr! - but we'll completely and utterly ignore that fact for now). I just LOVE SUNSHINE. Seven more weeks till March which is a Spring month, oh yes it is. AND it's Desperate Housewives Wednesday (got to love that show!). AND tonight is eviction night in Big Brother.

Ah me. All's well with the world.

I felt a bit discouraged yesterday because both of my 'Get Healthy in 2007' buddies, Debbie and Linz, had lost 8lbs in their first week of eating in a diety type manner. And I lost half that. But this is my big downfall... I get down and then give up. Husband said the same to me when I first started--his one big piece of advice was "Just don't give up this time. If you have a bad day, pick yourself up and carry on. Don't give up!" Anyone would feel discouraged with that dreadful grey, rainy, grey, miserable, grey sky for days on light = sad Chrissie.

So. Today is The Sun's Come Out So Don't Give Up Day! *Chrissie rattles a collection box and proffers an Angel Kiss flower in the form of a badge* Sounds like a song from 'Annie' doesn't it?

MUST do some exercise today. Hoo haa!


Anonymous said...

Don't give up Chrissie! And it isn't about how quickly you can lose the weight, it is about keeping it off, which is ten times more difficult. Slow and gradual is the key.
My diet starts on Monday. :o( Can I join in with your healthy in 2007 regime?

Tina said...

You lost 4lbs??? That's fan-bloomin-brilliant!!! Don't give up now, it's a brilliant start! You can do it!

****Tina shakes her virtual pom-poms for Chrissie*****

Chrissie said...

Virtual pom-poms eh?

*Chrissie falls about laughing*

Nat xxx said...

4lbs in one week is bloomin' amazing lovely! Whoohoo you!!! Don't give it up, that's a blooming fab start, after all, most people only loose 1-2lb a week, and don't be tempted to meaasure your acchievements against the girls'. 'Ark at me - I sound like a right slim-jim health guru!!! *would insert a "roll on the floor laughing" here - but would probably be crushed by the foot-thick layers of fat surrounding my own body*
I just ordered Paul Mckenna's system from the tele, cos apparently he can "make me thin". Here's hoping his hypnotising ways work eh?!