Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So when do you do yours?

Are you one of those people who are dragging the tree back into the garage at 1 minute past midnight on 27 December, or possibly as people are still singing Auld Lang Sayne? Or do you stretch it out till the bitter end, and wait until the very last evening of 12th night before all the Christmas paraphernalia comes down?

I had intended to get all the decorations down by today but realised yesterday that my auntie and uncle are coming by for a visit on their way home from a 2 day break at The St David's Hotel and Spa (there's posh!), so I have to keep the house looking festive until they've gone. Probably as they're walking up the path to their car actually - LOL. I'm itching to get it all down now...but then again, the tree does look so pretty lit up at night.

Anyway, as the last hurrah before Christmas is officially over chez nous, here are a few of my holiday photos for your delight. Blogger has been mucking me about for the last day or so and not letting me upload photos (grrrr!) so I hope that it will let me....

Top two photos: Celyn and Nana on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day...Celyn searching for her presents (she can read her name now!!) Celyn and her friend from school caught eating the Quality Street (day after Boxing Day). Celyn (and her daddy) in her new Christmas jim-jams from Nana (which, in a happy manner, matched the tree and daddy's hat!) (Christmas Day evening).


Sally said...

I Love that piccie of Celyn holding her teddy sat by the Christmas tree. Looking forward to seeing a layout of that one. the others are lovely too.

Nat xxx said...

Yep....I'm one of them that holds out to the bitter end of 12th night before tearing my decs down.....January is such a cold, grey (and poor!) month that I think the longer those twinkly little fairy lights can add a bit of sparkle and magic the better. And as for bloglines - I don't fink you've mosied over to my blog for aaaaaaaages. I feel all neglected *lol*!
Fab chrimbo photos - Celyn's a sweetie ain't she?! xxx