Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Rach!

I do have the most fabulous Creative Team at Scrappers Unlimited and today is the birthday of one of them...the fabulous* Rachel Millington (* talented, funny, great to chat to for hours on the phone, hard working, and did I mention talented and funny?). So, as she is a lover of all things Oriental, I sent her these orchids this morning. And she (because she received a bit of a fabby Canon camera today from her fella) took this rather fetching photo of them for me (you do always wonder when you order flowers over the phone what sort of tat they might end up with!)

And to anyone whose birthday it has been and I have sent them nary even a daisy, let alone orchids, may I just say that it is one of my goals this year to be more diligent on the friends' birthdays front. And Rach has lucked out because her birthday is in January, before I get time to be a waster goal setting drop out! LOL

Have a JOYOUS day Rach. Mmmmwaaah!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rach! Such gorgeous flowers, and how lucky to have a swanky new camera :o)

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Rach. (would have left a comment on yours, but - due to the fact you havent updated since November. pmsl - I left it here). You are worse than me woman. New years resolution. Update ya blog. That was mine, and Ive been kinda good, so far.

Hysteri-CAL said...

Awww what beautiful orchids - they're one of my fave flowers ... my Birthday is in october in case you're worried about forgetting !!

Ha ha ha ha ha xxxxxxx