Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tooooooo funny!

Okay...let me set this up. I had, as previously mentioned, had a mooch around HobbyCraft Newport on Saturday. Part of the mooch process was to hand over a poster for the upcoming Brecon Beacons Time Out at the beginning of April...said poster having pictures of previous retreats on to advertise just what jolly japes we've got up to. Fine. Lovely. Poster up.

So...yesterday I toddle off to Borders to look for writing pads and pens for my journaling class at the Newbury Time Out. Mooch mooch. Celyn then asks (oh hallelujah and praise be to all things potty) if "there are any toilets in here Mummy?" Fan-blummin-tastic! So we scoot upstairs to use said toilet and then I was sucked in to a pleasant half hour in Starbucks drinking a hot chocolate with whipped cream and reading my ScrapBook Inspirations magazine (which I hadn't even paid for yet!) while Celyn ate a huge piece of chocolate cake and played with a toy they had available. Total and utter bliss.

So...quietly reading...slurp slurp..."You okay Celyn?...Lovely" slurp slurp...read, read... *phone text message rings*. Pick it up. Message from Fiona (and I quote):

"OMG. There's a poster 4 brecon with me on it with a sticky willy on my head in hobbycraft!"

Me - start to howl...and I mean HOWL - with laughter - so much so that people were looking and one lady near me eating with her fella was looking at me and joining in giggling too* because I was obviously so creased up. Tears in my eyes, I ring Fiona who is still part in shock and part wetting herself laughing too.

TOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!! Best laugh of the week that one. Even if she did call me a rude name! You're hilarious Fiona!

Love Chrissie x

* Why is it women do that - connect, you know?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Busy, busy, busy...what more can you expect the weekend before our Newbury Time Out?! I've spent hours in front of this computer lately (how did anyone ever organise anything in the olden days ...read, "the 1970s"!? Really...how did they?) Also, today I've had a jolly up and down the motorway to Newport/Caerwent dropping off goodie bag stuff with Amber (otherwise known as Big Chief Pack Kits), having a mooch around HobbyCraft (as you do...) and then enjoying a very pleasant late afternoon/evening blobbing on Julia's sofa eating FRUIT (get us!) while the kids played. Typical that Celyn and Cerys really started to gel again JUST as we needed to go home (they haven't seen each other for months so Celyn was really shy at first). I enjoy that drive Cardiff way...it's not too far that it's a drag, and I get to listen to music...especially when darling daughter falls asleep. Crowded House on the M4...sweet. We'll be up there again soon, during half term, and they can play all day while Julia and I do some serious scrapping for all the upcoming events. She's getting really excited about going out to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in New Hampshire this year...all the ideas from which she can bring back and share with us all!

I got sent this most hilarious picture today. Last October (I think it was) the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (to which I belong) challenged all the members to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year. It's good to know there are alternatives in life.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Are you having a LAUGH?!

Man alive, what a day. I've had to deal with hotel bureaucratic corporate clap trap (breathe honey, breathe...), a rude teacher at Celyn's school (rrrrrraaaaah!!!), and Bonanza being almost hysterically funny in its ineptness *blank stare* Notice I said "almost". Still...the location for Scrappers Unlimited's day seminar in Caversham was sorted today which makes me happy! And my friends Julia and Sue made me feel calmer about certain medical problems I'm having (bless them). I've been up to silly o'clock a few nights lately because I couldn't sleep for worrying. And do I do anything useful with this prolonged nighttime activity? Do I heck as like. Anyway...quote for the day: "If a (supply!) nursery school teacher tells you off like YOU'RE one of the 3 year olds, sharpen your wits (and maybe a stick) for Monday's parent teacher appointment." Ain't life grand?!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In for a penny...

in for a Must See TV evening. It's back, it's back, it's BAAAAAAAAACK! It's (as we fondly refer to it in our home) Desperate Housewives Wednesday. I watched this show right from the first episode, and was totally hooked. My husband, on the other hand, dismissed it as chick TV. BUT that self-same week there was something on that he really wanted me to watch with him, so I did a deal. "I'll watch that my dear, if you watch Desperate Housewives." The deal was struck. And I won. He was hooked by the 2nd episode (which was shown right after the first one). I (on the other hand) have no recollection whatsoever of what he wanted me to watch. Mwaaaahaaahaaaa!

And then, straight after it, there's Who Do You Think You Are, which last week was Jeremy Paxman and this week is Sheila Hancock. I love it. Any programme that interesting and makes Jeremy blummin' Paxman cry has got to be good.

I'm really NOT a TV junkie (honest guv)....tum tee tum...10pm...off for a Desperate fix.

So...here's the thing...

I don't even know why I'm doing this blogging malarky. I hate the word blog. Blog...bleuooogh... Bl...Og. What's THAT all about? But I find myself being drawn towards getting life down, and seeing as I'm at the computer half my life these days, it seems I've been sucked in (images of cut-off toenails being sucked down a plughole are springing to mind LOL!).I did indeed have a rant the other day about bloggers. Do they do it because they have big egos that need a cyber-massage. Or is it simply the modern diary? Then why not just type into a document? Why do it on line? I dunno.And then there's the good side...the sharing, connecting with others - what was it C.S. Lewis said? We read to know we're not alone. And write, so others can read.So...I'm here. I am...indeed...a blogger.