Thursday, January 19, 2006

Are you having a LAUGH?!

Man alive, what a day. I've had to deal with hotel bureaucratic corporate clap trap (breathe honey, breathe...), a rude teacher at Celyn's school (rrrrrraaaaah!!!), and Bonanza being almost hysterically funny in its ineptness *blank stare* Notice I said "almost". Still...the location for Scrappers Unlimited's day seminar in Caversham was sorted today which makes me happy! And my friends Julia and Sue made me feel calmer about certain medical problems I'm having (bless them). I've been up to silly o'clock a few nights lately because I couldn't sleep for worrying. And do I do anything useful with this prolonged nighttime activity? Do I heck as like. Anyway...quote for the day: "If a (supply!) nursery school teacher tells you off like YOU'RE one of the 3 year olds, sharpen your wits (and maybe a stick) for Monday's parent teacher appointment." Ain't life grand?!

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