Friday, June 15, 2007

Guess Who?

My mum and I are weak with laughter.

Celyn asked to play a game of Guess Who? If you are familiar with this game, you'll know that you have 24 faces on flip-up cards. You also choose a yellow card with a person's face on. You then have to find out who your opponent's yellow card person is (before they finds out yours) by asking a series of questions. For example, "Does your person have a beard?" If they answer "No" then you flip down all the people with beards because they have been elminated. "Does your person have blond hair?" "Yes". You flip down all the people except those with blond hair. Etc. etc. etc.


You'd think.

My FOUR year old Celyn can play this, with ease. I know, because I've just played a game with her.

But then I said, "Oh play with Nana now Celyn, because I have to do some work" and this is where the hysterics started. My mother can't work out the rules of this game for love nor money. I've explained it and explained it, but she just gets confused.

Now, I know my mum is 84 but that has nothing to do with it (because she's as bright as a button). She just doesn't do logical problems! Celyn (my FOUR year old, I would reiterate) is saying "Right Nana, my person DOESN'T have blond you need to put down all the people with blond hair" and my mum says "No no...we're not playing this right" or "What are you talking about?"

And so I started laughing at her. And then she started laughing. And now we're sitting here completely weak with laughter.



misteejay said...


My cousin's grandson is very proud to tell everyone that he is now four but seems to take even greater delight in tell you "No Toni, you don't do it like that",whatever activity you are trying to share with him...and I thought I was quite bright,LOL. Toni :o)

Nat xxx said...

ROFL!! Bless her! xxx

sempre io said...

also in Italy we have this game

From Italy
Ps: your lo are very original .