Monday, July 10, 2006

A miracle of modern times!

I went to two crops and (hold on to your big white M&S knickers) ...I ACTUALLY scrapped! C'est vrai!!! Last Friday evening (a humid and balmy affair) was the Swansea Crop (full to bursting) and I actually started off a paper bag book I'm making for Daughter's teacher as an end of school year pressie. I admit I didn't get very far with it because I was running around like the proverbial fly with an indigo posterior, teaching a class and what not.

And...while I'm on the subject...this (up there...there...up the top) was my class. Well...actually this was my class as completed by the fabby Nattie Grant who did such a scrummy job of it (FAB photo) that I asked if I could blog her layout as well as my original. I loves hers (said in an accent not unlike Linz Davis' *insert cheesy grin and start muttering liiii-laaaac to yourself*) Plus the photo of mine ( the right) is poop. I am liking that doodling malarky though. I'm just playing and experimenting at the mo, but finding I'm doing it all over the place, if you'll pardon the whatsit. Zoe is, by the way, the daughter of some of my friends in Reading. She is a delightful girl and is just a pleasure to be around...always smiling.

Anyhoo...Swansea Crop was all fab and wonderful and Anne and I managed not to get mugged returning the tables we'd borrowed back to their rightful home (phew!) so then the next morning I was off up to Newport for The South Wales Crop (only a couple off being full...which is a bit wow seeing as it's a summer month and people are orf on their holidays and such like and full for us down there means 40 scrappers). Although I was treasurer that day (BIG job...literally 2 hours later you sit down and then you've got to coordinate all your bits of paper and receipts and so on), I just thought blow this for a game of soldiers, and I pressed on with my paper bag book and finished the bare bones of it by the end of the day.

I'm damn marvellous I tell you.

Piccies of said paper bag book and some other bits and bobs coming up. And we'll be right back after this break. Don't go flicking channels now!


xx Nat xx said...

Ooh eh! I feel like a superstar seeing my ugly mug on someone else's blog as well as my own!! Twas a great class though luvvie, and you have the patience of a saint! I'm hatching cunning plans as I type in order to get the night off to make it to the next Swansea crop - there's such a great friendly atmosphere there! The Newport one was fabby too - will definately make the mini-trek again, if just for the yummy cakes!! *lol*

Taniwha said...

Love the LO's girls! Your pic is awesome Nat, love it :)

I must get my a into g and come to another SW Crop!

Chrissie said...

Better book then love! LOL