Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's amazing what you can do with a...

...paper bag. Or two.

Presents for teachers at the end of term, and cheap as chips! I'm going to be making another for the class assistant too (bless 'em all, and all who sail in 'em). When I was putting this together at the South Wales Crop last Saturday, one of the croppers who is also a primary teacher was most put out and kept whining, "Oooooh, ooooh...I wish I was Celyn's teacher. All I ever get is own-brand smellies!" LOL

I have put the full (wacking great 3 whole pages plus back and front cover - LOL) album on a slide gallery to the right. There are also a couple of tags that slot inside but I haven't posted those. All the kids' names have been smudged out, if you're wondering why there are dirty great black blobs all over it. Papers are a mix of SEI and K&Co by the way.

And hey,'ve got something to read at lunchtime now (my Scrappers Unlimited team member, Sue, tells me that reading my blog is part of her lunchtime routine and is disappointed if I haven't updated! LOL)


~*Gems*~ said...

Aww it looks lovely Chrissie! I saw it last week at the South Wales Crop and it was looking gorgeous, but it looks even better now you have added the photos, quotes and embellishments etc.
A lovely gift for her teacher to treasure.
~*Gems*~ xx

Flat Golly said...

Unfortunately whenever I try to leave a comment it is blocked by webmarshall as 'blocked pornography'!!!!!Arggghhh...logged against my name!! Teach me for reading it at work!