Friday, July 07, 2006

And on a lighter note...

I am very grateful to Kate in York (on UK Scrappers) who posted this link today and also Maggie in Scotland, as they gave me the best laugh of my whole week. Tooooooooooo funny.

Click! Click!!

The Secret World of Scrapbooking and then Scrapbooking Lady Strikes Again


Gaye x said...

thanks for that Chrissie enjoyed the laugh :)Trixiebell141

Jackie said...

blooming hilarious Chrissie....scary thing is it reminded me of myself eeek!!

I need a life LOL

Jaks x

Deborah Duck said...

How did they manage to film my dining room table? (And thanks for the lend of your speakers via the phone so I could hear this Chrissie LOL)