Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh Scwidgmfffffraaaapoooooooo craaaaasssssshhhhiiii*!@!

I've been printing off the handout for the Colour for Design seminars, which kick off this Saturday at Crafty-Ness in Caerphilly. The handout is actually not, as the name conjures up, one flimsy page of cursory information, but a fabulous (IMHO) 12 page booklet that it's taken me hours to write. And. I am telling you. If the printer takes 2, 3 or 4 sheets through all in one go one more time (which, I strenuously add, have already been printed on the other side with text and pictures galore, eating up my ink like a ravenous wolverine meaning I have to reprint the soddin' lot), I swear...I SWEAR...I shall throw it out of the window and be done with it. That'll learn it.

Damn silly stupid damn printer damn thing.


Deborah Duck said...

Take a deep breath, go and get some chocolate, and calm down!

Don't forget to fan the paper out before you put it into the printer, that sometimes helps. Throwing the printer about tends not to help.

julia said...

Don't get some chocolate! and be glad your printer is at least working!