Sunday, June 25, 2006

Come ON!!!!

So how gorgeous was that goal against Ecuador then EH, EH, EH? It was Beckham bending it with complete brilliance and I think my whole neighbourhood heard my yelling through the open window and my mum laughing at my exuberance!

Come on England!!!!

Julia and I spent Friday and Saturday in Reading, so we could teach the Colour for Design seminar there. It was fun, as always, for me to be home and especially at the moment, as there are Cross of St. George flags everywhere.

I did a really really really dim, stupid thing though. We always stay with my friends (thanks Pines!) who live in Burghfield Common, just outside Reading. Saturday morning we go out to the car with our various paraphernalia, including my lovely blue All My Memories album, which has the class layouts for Colour for Design in it, as well as my girly-girl's A-Z album layouts (Z is for Zoo, C is for Chocolate Cake, etc.) and all of my latest layouts too. So, we got to the seminar, greeted everyone, and I started teaching the first class, which is a mini-book and not a page. And then I got on to the first layout - This Face. Mmmm...where's my album? Where did I put it. must be in the car. Julia trots out to the car park. No album. So we called the Pines..."Sorry...I've left my album over there and I need it." "'s not here". "No it's got to's not here." "*looking, looking*'s definitely not here. Are you sure it's not in the car?" Look in the car again - not there. And then the awful realisation hits. I'd put it on the roof of the car while I was loading the crate/suitcase/bag into the car. And then we drove off. It was on the roof. *Cue sick feeling*.

So. If anyone reading this lives in the Reading area and you know someone who knows someone who found a 'photo album' lying by the side of the road....


xx Nat xx said...

Oh noooooo Chrissie - what a total nightmare! You must be gutted :( I'm going to go and add my name, address and phone number into the back of my albums now, just incase! Really sorry hun xx

~*Gems*~ said...

Awww noooooo! I hope somehow it manages to turn up. I know it's wishful thinking, but who knows?!
That's a good idea Nat - popping a name and address inside the album, not thought about doing that.
I must say (eek how brave am I?!) that I am gutted England won today! I would have loved Ecuador to win. The Ecuadorians are such nice people. After spending Christmas and New Year 2001 there, and feeling so at home despite being 1000's of miles away from family and friends at a crucial time of year, I was in full support of them!
Anyhoo well done England!
~*Gems*~ xx

Deborah Duck said...

Oh no! Nightmare!

I do know how you must feel though, I loaded my boot up about 6 weeks ago, to go to my crop, large packs of paper, the class for that evening, tons of other stuff, drove off to the hall where I realised that I'd left the boot open and had left a trail of craft stuff all the way through the village.

Could you maybe put an ad in the classified of the local paper, you never know.

Chrissie said...

I was actually thinking of contacting the local papers and seeing if they'd do a piece about it *picture of me holding a similar album with a sad expression on my face* LOL

Nell said...

When I do stupid things and I can't remember what happened two minutes ago, I use the pregnancy as a fabulous excuse. What about you??!!

Chrissie said...

Well as I keep telling you Nell, the pregnancy is only the START. They take that 'placenta' out of you...and I quote 'placenta' because it's actually not anything to do with the baby per's your MEMORY. Gone. Forever. In the incinerator at the hosptial. Goldfish time.

Kim said...

Why am I not surprised?

Chrissie said...

*Sharp intake of breath* You calling me ditzy?! LOL

Tina said...

At last, someone who agrees with me! I have maintained for the last 8 years that I gave birth to part of my brain! Sadly it happened again just over a year later, so there is virtually nothing left.
Seriously Chrissie, really hope that your album turns up safely soon.