Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Colour for Design

So Julia and I are in the throes of the Colour for Design seminars, where we teach not only scrapbooking but also how good designers use colour and how we can use colour to create better pages. Gosh that sounds pompous! But these seminars are real learning days. They're fun to teach and we've really appreciated and learnt stuff even in putting the seminar together.

Last Saturday we were in Caerphilly, at the Crafty-Ness premises. And man alive it was HOT. Us ladies are supposed to 'glow'...but I'm telling ya, it was sweat and there's no two ways about it!
It was a lick your finger and chalk one up to smugness though, as my friend Nell (and her mum Sue, pictured here) came. Nell. Nell who was my bridesmaid. Nell who is now 5 months with child. Nell who last New Year's mocked me mercilessly for scrapbooking and fell about laughing every time I said the word 'crop'. And there she was, blue paint on her finger, making clay embellies. She'll be buying an Art Bin before you know it.

THIS Saturday we're in Reading with the same seminar. And I had a wild "NO!!!" experience this week when talking to one of the delegates. Anne and Tracey have booked to attend, and they both live in Basingstoke. I grew up in Basingstoke (age 5 to 10...which isn't that long, but a significant chunk of my childhood in my memory) so of course, when talking to Tracey, I mentioned this. "Whereabouts did you live then?" asks she. "Oh, just off the Winchester Road, on Packenham Road" replies I. "You're KIDDING!" says she. "I grew up on Packenham Road". Turns out she lived almost opposite me, and (we think, we're sure) her sister was in my class in junior school. We started rattling off friends we played with and we shared knowing most of them. She EVEN mentioned the Monkey Tree which was a FABULOUS tree that grew in a woods just behind her house which was excellent for climbing and swinging on and doing flips over one of the branches. How small a world is that then? So she's bringing any photos she can muster of her childhood and I am too.

Husband of course mocked me. He thinks it's not such an amazing thing and I overreact. *Him mocking me*..."Did you live in a house?!! WE lived in a house!!! Did you have a cat?!! No!! WE had a cat!!" Husband, of course, has no soul.

The next Colour for Design seminar after the Reading one is back in Caerphilly again on 1 July, and then at Crafty Pastimes on 22 July. Inbetween all of this we've got a South Wales Crop and The Swansea Crop as well.

It's all good!

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Nell said...

You think you're funny! I look like 'booby ruby' on that photo. I still think 'crop' is a ruddy hilarious word and still deserves to be mocked. So there! (no art bin yet!)