Monday, April 17, 2006

Plait Hair

In Crickhowell, at that shop where I wanted to steal things, they sold gorgeous dolls with lovely big bloomers for knickers (why do we ALWAYS look!?!). I bought one for Celyn and had her sitting atop my Artbin the whole retreat then. So if you were at Brecons, this photo, taken when she was fast asleep (I love my new camera which has proper F stops!!) is just to show you how my girly-girl loves her new doll, 'Plait Hair'... named by Celyn about 1 minute after owning her.

No one said my girl was original on the naming front. LOL Another doll she owns is called 'Pinky Pink' (the doll's hair is pink!).

15 out of 10 for "awwww" factor though eh?


Linz said...

Awwwww definately lots and lots of Awwwwww

The girls loved the eggs - thank you from both of them :-)

I think they have enough chocolate this Easter to last them till next year - well unless I get hold of it that is !

Chrissie said...

We could have an orgy of chocolate if I steal Celyn's chocolate and we combine our haul... LOL!!

Jackie said...

awww she looks so sweet x