Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How cool is this drawing?

Celyn loves to play with her... whateveritscalled... drawey thingy which uses magnets to work. Anyway...Sunday morning she got up and was busy chattering away to herself in her room and she drew this. It's a crocodile.

The spiky bit at the back is its tail, then the large circle is its face (B.I.G scary eyes!). And then the bit sticking out from its face are its teeth. And apparently crocs have 6 legs (we need to work on that bit - LOL!)

We both thought it was so fab we had to get a photo of it before she pulled down the thingy at the side which wipes it.

I think she's so good at art, seeing as she's only 3 1/2 (Julia laughed at me because I say 3 1/2...but that 1/2 makes all the difference! LOL)

Proud Mummy moment (cheesy grin)


Nicola said...

very nice art work and 31/2 does make all the difference its not like your saying she's only 3 look what she did but she's not nearly 4 either. Very good, i just love her name i mentioned that didnt i :)

Jools said...

THAT is definitely a cool picture and yup, she's a great artist!

Noah is 3 1/2 too and doesn't draw anything like that - he just about has started to draw potato people, LOL!

Although he does some abstract art!!!