Monday, April 14, 2008

Mormon Slattern in Wales

'SWANSEA, S. WALES -- The kitchen sink and surrounding counter inside the home of Chrissie Willicombe are completely full with dirty dishes and have been unattended for cleaning since yesterday afternoon's roast chicken/bread and butter pudding repast. This morning numerous dirty plates, saucepans, roasting tins, and even a container with left-over gravy have been identified in the home of this Swansea County resident. "There's something about doing the dishes at the end of a pleasant Sunday" explained Chrissie. "Desperate Housewives was coming on, and I just didn't want to do them" she whined.

Shocked eyewitnesses to the scene have been taken aback at this lack of homemaking skills in the well known Mormon housewife's home. "What a slattern" one woman commented, who asked not to be named. "She's just a pig and that's all there is to it" she continued.

Almost all would agree that Chrissie has greatly improved in her domestic endeavors recently, particularly in her organisation of cupboards, tidying out the family car and the general order in her livingroom. Her kitchen, however, leaves something greatly to be desired. Visitors stand a large probability they will view the unsightly pile of dishes, utensils, cookware and cups, should they enter the kitchen.

The news of Chrissie's unwillingness to load her dishes in the dishwasher is seen as a major public relations blunder for her hypocrisy. Last week, Chrissie declared "victory over procrastination," when she spent two hours cleaning and vacuuming her car.

Environmental health officers have been alerted, and may be shutting down the property until a full investigation has completed.'

So, back to last weekend, and how freaky was the weather?! On Friday it was beautiful sunshine and we were wandering around Reading in t-shirts enjoying 17 degrees C lovely Spring weather, and this is what we woke up to on Sunday morning...


When Judith heard me stirring on Sunday morning, she knocked on my bedroom door and asked if I'd looked out of the window. There were audible gasps when I drew up the blind. Four inches of snow! Of course, being the record-keeping-pain-in-the-bum mum that I am, I had those children out in the garden before they could say 'frostbite' and got some great shots. It is so weird still to me that it snowed in APRIL, I look at these pictures and think perhaps it was actually movie foam snow and someone tricked us :D

You'd think they were sisters, the way they're dressed so similarly. Or even that I'd planned it for ease of scrapbooking the pics. But no. Complete coincidence (and Judith and I have the same taste in coats :D )

Right. Off to see to the Pen-y-Fan of washing up....

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Andrea said...

Looks like you live in Canada! That's are wacky weather for ya.
I'm also joining in with you on the slacker dish washer. shame shame. One day I'll get it together.

misteejay said...

Oh it's so nice having you back - have missed you.

We have had this wonderful weather in this neck of the woods too, occasionally on the same day LOL

I'm getting more into my scrapbooking although life at the moment is manic because of the run-up to the UKS cybercrop (I do get myself into these situations c",)

Once again, welcome back (((hugs)))
Toni :o)