Saturday, April 12, 2008

Right. Enough's Enough

I used to be really good at blogging and then life went...well...boobies vertical, and I didn't want to do anything much of anything any more. I'm starting to get back in the groove but I'm not completely there yet. Having spoken to other women who've been there and done that and bought the fetching t-shirt, even after 15 months it's still early days. Oh joy. I've learnt a lot about dealing with life, about people and about my relationship with God. At the moment there are more good days than bad, although I did have a weep down the phone to my old bishop last Thursday evening. My mum's health has also, on top of it all, deteriorated in the last 6 months. She can't really make it downstairs at all now and is pretty much dependent on me for sustenance, medicine, the odd choccie biscuit, etc. etc. I feel pretty guilty when I feel burdened by it. After all, our mothers look after us for years and years as children. But I can't say I find it easy.


I'm having one of those Saturdays where you don't do much of anything and that's okay because it's Saturday and that's what Saturdays are for. I realised at only about 6pm yesterday that I needed to get 10 writing and 5 reading scripts marked for NFER and emailed off before midnight. I could only start work on them once dinner and child were sorted, so they actually went about 2am or thereabouts, but she (my team leader) was none the wiser. The point was they were in her email box this morning - *phew*. I am doing some work for NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research) as a marker of Year 3 English tests, for which I had to attend a day's training in Slough last weekend. *Insert picture of me doing a litle bit of a happy dance* It was just a complete pleasure to be in the company of teachers as a PEER once more. Made me truly realise how very much I have missed teaching. The other ladies in my group were great, and we had a bit of a laugh as well as working hard.

The other up-side of the training day was that they paid for all my petrol (and some...and then some more), so I was able to go to Reading for the whole General Conference weekend for nowt, and hang out with lots and lots of friends. Gosh I love you all...and you know who you are.

On the Friday I got to Reading by lunchtime (impressive for me, Mrs I-will-leave-at-10.30-and-then-I-don't-actually-leave-till-half-past-1) and met up with my old workmate, John. On Facebook I had mistakenly left the group 'The Sweeney Todd Pie Shop Appreciation Society', naughty naughty girl that I am. Upon seeing this, John had sent me a message basically asking if I hadn't quite lost my mind and "these ARE THE Sweeney Todd pies you do understand that, don't you?!!!" Duly chastised I rejoined toute suite ("Order has been restored to the universe" he quipped) and I suggested we meet up for lunch when I was in Reading. Cor, I had a lovely chicken, broccoli and Stilton pie. Wicked lush it was. And the company was excellent too.

The training got out early so I was able to get back to the Pines where I was staying in time to head up to Saturday's General Conference session. As it was President Monson's first conference since he became President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Solemn Assembly was held to sustain him and the other General Authorities, including a new Apostle, D. Todd Christofferson. Each quorum in their turn had to stand and sustain our leaders by the raising of hands...and it was pretty powerful stuff. I felt proud to stand with the Relief Society and add my vote. My favourite talks over the weekend were Concern for the One by Joseph B. Wirthlin, and Faith of Our Father by Dieter F. Uchtdorf (I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that he's European and it shows...). These talks were inclusive and caring. And both of these men are 'themselves' when they speak (unlike Kenneth Johnson's breathy fakeness...gah! And I know I'm not the only one who noted it. And WHAT is his ACCENT all about?! He's from Norwich for pity's sake!). on the links and read these talks. Do as you're told. Ha ha!

I need to go make dinner but I shall blog more later.

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Vince said...

Great Blog Chrissie. ANd I and others are with you over KJ's accent. Did you hear the Radio 4 Programme. Loved Douglas Davies

Andrea said...

Glad you're back to blogging.
So nice to have a nice weekend with petrol paid for! Wow!
Also happy for you to be back to teaching and loving it.

misteejay said...

It is lovely to have you back :o)