Monday, May 14, 2007

What I SHOULD be doing... putting the dinner on.

Let 'em starve, that's what I say! *snort*

I just wanted to share with you all our fabulicious (I made that up (can you tell?)...and am kinda not liking it...I sound like I'm 13) guest teacher at our upcoming Gloucester 3 Time Out for Scrapbookers. All our retreaters have known about this for a week or so now, so I feel like it's time to jump up and down on the roof of my house, swinging my pants round and round my head and whooping in an excited (and somewhat scary) fashion, to announce to the world that I need putting in the mental home. No, no...what I MEANT to say there was...announce to the world that Prisca Jockovic is coming to our retreat.

This is the blurb I wrote about her on the announcement to our retreatees (retreatesses?):

34 year old Prisca Jockovic lives with her husband and children in the small town of Morestel, near Lyon, France and is a super talented, published scrapbooker. From childhood she always had a passion for being creative and making things with her hands. She has tried painting, minatures and embroidery, but when she finally found scrapbooking she was hooked! She is passionate about her craft and has scrapbooked daily for almost four years!

Prisca enjoys combining different techniques in all her layouts, and her favourite theme is her 5 1/2 year old twin daughters, Elisa and Milla. She also loves photography and believes that a beautiful photo is 50% of what makes a great layout.

Prisca works with Sandra Charbonnel teaching workshops throughout France called 'Variations Créatives'. She is the author of two successful books, 'Scrap Embellissements' (Scrap Embellishments) and 'Scrap Couture' (Scrap Fashion), and her third book will be published in September this year.

Prisca has also had layouts and articles published in the French 'Scrapbook Inspirations' and 'Création Scrapbooking' magazines. She has also been published in 'Memory Makers' magazine and was a finalist in their Master contest 2006. British and German magazines have also printed her lovely layouts.

Prisca will be teaching two projects at Gloucester 3, with the help of two translators (one of whom is me!! Eeek!) We are honoured* (read "peeing our pants") to have her at our Time Out, as this is the first time she has EVER taught in the UK.
So here's the thing. If you fancy having Prisca teach you too, let me we may be able to get some workshops going on over here too.
Take a further look at her work on her blog, Côté Scrap

My daughter's chewing her leg off and threatening to eat Gingernut. And I don't mean the biscuit. Better go make dinner :D


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Anonymous said...

Where, when and how much would these workshops be? But I would be interested, her work i gorgeous. xx

Nat xxx said...

I love her work too! Her blog is always a good excercise for my tres rusty GCSE french lol!!! xxx

Andrea said...

That's so exciting for you! And wow- scrapbooked daily. That's amazing. I'm working on yearly.