Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm starting a tag...

This Moment: Somewhat irritated/guilty for being irritated
Your Shoes: Off
Craving: Toast, butter and Marmite
The State of Your Home: Higgledy-Piggledy
Annoyed By: Celyn tapping my arm every 15 seconds to look at her drawing (bad mother, bad mother)
In The Background: My mum's TV and the sound of the extractor fan in the bathroom
Really Want To: Eat toast
Thinking About: BYU days
Smelling: Left-over dinner
Nearest Scrapbooking Product: Pile of magazines
Don't Ever Want To: Stop learning
Your Eyes: Need testing
The Weather: Dull
Have Never Tried: Sushi
Think Everyone Should Try: reading the Book of Mormon
Last Holiday Destination: Cornwall
Best Thing You Did Today: Gave a lesson at church
The Last Thing You Had to Drink: Lemon Fanta
Your Bad Habit: Leaving the bathroom door open when I wee (drives Danny crazy!)
What You're Going To Do Now: Tidy, and check what time Big Brother's on (final tonight!!)

And I tag Nicola, Carrie and Sue.


Lisa M. said...

Yikes for Marmite.

How can you eat that stuff.

Ah, Lemon Fanta.


This was a fun stop!

Nicola said...

hehe gonna do this asap could answer a few of those the same as you.

misteejay said...

Lots of Marmite on thick, hot, buttered toast...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Just off to the toaster...:o)

Lisa M. said...


I really love some of the food on your side of the pond.

Ribena is to die for, and I love Turkish Delights. Scones, fish & chips, and roasted potatoes. Clotted cream, Oh dreamy.

Never could I choke down the marmite. Never did I find fondness for sour squash and seville orange marmalade (though I think I might like it better now).

I have marmite in the cupboard though, for I have English visitors often enough, that I keep some around.

By the way, I think your Gallery Scraps, are lovely.

Chrissie said...

*Awww* fanks!

When did you live here Lisa? And where?

Cathryn said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog! It's so cool to find people from all over the place that way...If I have my way, I'll be doing a study abroad in the BYU London Centre next Winter semester, so you'll have toi give me all of your London tips!

Speaking of tips, I could certainly use any available advice for the dating arena right now. Drop me a line when you get a sec...I'm actually going to go rant about that for a minute right now.

Nat xxx said...

Allo! I just noticed on your side bar that you're reading Paul Mckenna - how you finding it?! I don't look any different yet - but I'm certainly feeling super skinny lol!!!! We'll have to compare notes :) So re: the toast craving - get tapping girlie!!! xxx

SmileyCarrie said...

ohhh I'm tagged! I'm tagged! I have been a terrible blogger as of late... so I shall look forward to the inspiration to blog!

PS ... love your craving... toast! hehe... I think I'll go for chocolate or chips or something!!!!

Chrissie said...

Nothing like hot toast with lashings of butter and something delicious on top, like honey (which is what I ended UP having instead of Marmite!)

And yes, Nat, I am loving Mr McKenna. He is DA BOMB! I need to get the book (just spent 3 weeks watching the show of the book on TV and I'm starting his programme on 1 Feb). Tap tap tap tap tap...

Sketchy said...

I love that word "higgeldy-Piggeldy" we just don't use it enough over here. It's just fun to say, lol.