Friday, December 15, 2006

What's THAT all about?

Can I just say...

It is Celyn's nativity concert this morning. She is a star (hence mad dash to Pembroke on Monday to see clever clever Auntie Mary for the costume). Doors open at 10.35. But I am a scrapbooker with a camera, so I neeeeeeeeed to be near (if not IN) the front. Obnoxious maybe, but the alternative makes me feel antsy.


We neeeeeeed to leave at 10am. Which is what I have told Husband at least 4 times this morning (when he was sitting at the computer at 9am in his underwear, unwashed). "Yes, yes" he said. "YES!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeees!" he said, when I told him again. "For goodness SAKES" he said when I told him the third time.

Fine. I won't worry. I'm just worrying. I'll stop nagging.

At precisely 9.35 he went in the bathroom and RAN. A. BATH.

What's THAT all about???????!

*sigh* she says, looking at the clock and realising it's 9.42 and there are still sploshing noises coming from the bathroom...


Deborah Duck said...

He's one brave man.

Carrie said...

LOL ... hahaha ...

And did he make it to the concert in one piece?

Anonymous said...

Hehe men! They always think they have ages. No concept of rushing!

How did the concert go?! :o)

Chrissie said...

The concert was fabulous and we made it in once piece. I sat in the car waiting for him for 8 minutes, and then went in (announced the time), and saw that despite his call around the corner of "I'm JUST COMING!!!" he was (in fact) ironing his shirt.


But we were in the second row and I had an aisle seat, so I had a good view. But if I HADN'T there would have been no Christmas kisses, THAT'S for sure! LOL!

LOL at Debbie's comment!

Hysteri-CAL said...

I can't believe he's allowed to tell the tale .... or that he's even got any 'nads' left ... if it had been my hubby he would have no nads and lying in a coffin !!!

Sounds like you had a great time tho and I can't wait to see the layouts !!! xx