Thursday, December 28, 2006

What do *you* do at 5.30 in the morning?

I need a post-Christmas detox. Two mornings in a row now I've woken up at silly o'clock and can't get back to sleep (after going to bed gone midnight). I know why. It's because I'm barely doing any movement at all at the moment, let alone exercise (I mean really, how much energy does it take to just walk around the house all day?) and, ironically, I'm eating twice as much food in the form of left-over turkey, ham, pate, yule log, mince pies, etc. etc. etc. So, 5-6 hours sleep and my body's DONE. Recharged. Ready to go again. Bleuch. I am a slug and I need to get myself invigorated!!!

And now, on top of all that, I have Lisa Bearnson Envy (you may recall my pseudo Stacy Julian Envy of a few weeks ago). This woman is much more my cup of char. Organised-ish (but her child has two different socks on - bwaahaahaa - and I love that she put on her daughter's top and squished her face in the process because a button hadn't been undone--I do that!), a house to DIE for, a family that are all working *together* to get out the house in the mornings, and a house where the spiritual is important, exercising (and, please note, NOT jogging) with friends, and did I mention the house is to die for? I am so tuning in today and tomorrow to see what her scrap room looks like....

We went to see Aladdin last night at the Swansea Grand Theatre. What a treat! I love a good panto (oh no I don't...oh yes I do). We have friends who all belong to the same family (the Gilmours...some of you reading this will know Katie-Jane as she comes scrapbooking, and she's married to a Gilmour). This family consist of mum and dad, and their 8 children (the youngest two are twins, one of whom is Katie's husband--but can I just say at this juncture...6 children...and THEN she had TWIN BOYS. The woman deserves a medal!!!!). 6 of the 8 children are married now, and between them they have another plethora of children (Tracey has 6 kids for example). And Jeff, one of the brothers, pays for his whole family--parents, siblings and spouses, nieces and nephews--PLUS friends (there were 7 there last night) to see the panto every year. Sooooo coooooool. Celyn's been going to an Uncle-Jeff-Panto every Christmas since she was 1. I really love the Gilmours and I remember sitting there last night looking around at Danny and Celyn, who were just laughing and waving and joining in the frivolity, Katie sat on my other side with one of the nieces on her lap, Craig and his family sat in front (love Craig--we spent two years writing when he was serving a mission for our church), and another 3 rows of Gilmours behind me (who are so fab) and I felt so happy. I'm very blessed to have such lovely lovely friends. Oh no I'm not...OH YES I AM! The production was excellent (Mike Doyle is always completely hi-laaaaaaa-rious and Kevin Johns was also fabulous as Widow Twankey...and the two of them on stage together are a scream). If you live anywhere near Swansea, I can't recommend it enough. the way...check out the new Scrappers Unlimited Gallery. I've changed the look of it (with a tiddly bit of help from my web company - bwaahaaahaa) and you can now see all the fab work my fantastic Creative Team get up to, with more images being added soon.
Well. It's just gone 6am now. I wonder if I could get back to sleep? I can but try. But then again, Lisa gets up at 6... *sigh*


SmileyCarrie said...

Okay - Lisa is awesome.
I love her honesty "I'm not really a morning, afternoon or night person ~ I'm always tired." I AGREE!!! and what a stunning home. Wow.. she's incredible!! And boy I would love to walk around those mountains daily.. it would inspire me too!

Deborah Duck said...

8 children - my goodness - did they not have a TV in their house?

Glad you had a nice time, it sounds lovely.

I'm not sleeping well either, but I'm having the most bizarre dreams when I do sleep. I wake up exhausted after them some mornings LOL.

Sally said...

omg. Watched the Lisa and Stacy tapes. Thought women like that only existed in Stepford. btw Stacy gets up at 5am so you are actually having a lie in. lol.
Love Lisa's pad though. All those sayings on the wall are deffo my thing. Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Well if you are really that bored...then I have a baby that tends to wake pretty early lol!