Friday, December 22, 2006

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Santa visited Celyn's school yesterday which was VERY EXCITING! Of course this was just the prelims before the BIG DAY, but he gave her a really cool colouring/sticker book and asked her what she wanted for Christmas so I'm SURE she'll get it (because she's been such a good girl).

Tee hee! So lovely. Look how happy she is.

I had an outrageously scrappy day yesterday as well, and it furthered my epiphany that I am a 'library scrapbooker'. The lovely Debbie came to scrap chez moi and after the intial cafuffle because we went to take photos of Santa, and then I made yummy lunch (if I say so myself) (soup, tiger bread, sticky toffee pudding with real fresh custard), I got down to scrapping and you couldn't see me for dust. I scrapped like a mad thing. Now...sit me down in a crop and I'd do next to nothing in 12 hours. BUT with just one person working at the same table as me, calmy chatting and laughing all the time, I produced not one, not two, but THREE file-card books for Celyn's teacher, class assistant and head-teacher.


Debbie and I had such a fun day. MUST do it again soon!

I gave all three teachers their gifts this morning and they all made the appropriate oooing noises (and apparently they've already been passed around the staff room in an orgy of delight). Happiness.

So, this afternoon I'm putting on my battle armour and charging into Tesco to fight it out over the turkeys and parsnips. Hoo haa. And then I intend to spend the weekend being chilled out and festive...wrapping presents (tedious), making the-best-stuffing-recipe-in-the-world (fab), and tidying the house (more tedious than present wrapping but feels sooooo good when the house looks glorious). And THEN on Christmas Eve everything will be joyous. Ho ho ho.

So, I wish you all a very, very happy Christmas and big yuletide snoggies from us all in the Willicombe household xxx Here's the slide-show of one of the books for y'all.

The children's names have been smudged out, in case you're wondering what those green and red blobs all over the place are!


Tina said...

Gorgeous books!

Enjoy Tesco: we've just got back (went to buy french bread and spent £31!!!! don't whatever you do go near the kiddies clothes Sale, it's dangerous for your bank account!).

misteejay said...

The pic with Santa is so sweet and the slideshow of the books is wonderful.

Hope your trip to Tesco was better than mine to Morrisons - queued for 40 mins to get to the checkout.

Wishing you and the family a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Toni :o)

Nat xxx said...

Merry Christmas to you all too - big christmassy snoggies right back at ya!! ;)

Flat Golly said...

Merry Christmas to you all !

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, hope you all have a fantastic day and Santa brings you plenty of goodies xxx