Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Cropping

Celyn's better. Temperature down to normal this morning and she's been bouncing around the house most of today. SO back to school tomorrow. LOL

Friday is the Swansea Crop's Christmas Evening - 7.15 to midnight in Neuadd Llewelyn Hall, Penllergaer, Swansea. There will be two classes and one of them is here, by my fab Scrappers Unlimited team member, Amber. I love her graphic clean styleeee. Amber runs three different scrapbooking courses for her local county council (which job I sort of helped her to get) and because of that she is now training to be a teacher. I'm so proud of her. Hey Amber, do you KNOW how proud I am of you? SO proud. You GO GIRL!!!!!!!

The second class of the evening will be by the lovely Penny. She taught the same layout at Linz's 12 hour crop last weekend but we are changing the papers for Friday's class to these. Not because we don't like the original papers. But because we can't get 'em! So the pic of that re-done layout will be up as soon as Penny (a) re-creates it, and (b) manages to find someone who can upload a photo for her (she's technically challenged, love her).

We will also be having lots of yummy food and drink. Ho ho ho...that's what I say :D


Julie said...

love the layout!

SmileyCarrie said...

Love those papers... Great layout!!

Glad to hear Celyn is feeling better!

domestic goddess said...

love those papers and scrummy LO
hope yoyur little lamb is feeling better for school :)

Sketchy said...

Love that layout! Great job!