Thursday, November 09, 2006


I was on the phone this evening with Amber, one of the Scrappers Unlimited team, talking about the next retreat (can we even catch a breath from this one... nope!) and as she wasn't at Gloucester last weekend, I was regailing her with all the funny tales, and with who won what, and what a lovely lady Mary was, ya-di-ya-di-ya...and in the telling, I remembered something that had happened which I'd forgotten. Probably in a Freudian manner...

So. I'm sharing a room with Katie-Jane, a pal of many moons (not of the bottom kind, you understand). We are lying in our beds on Friday night, completely pooped, and yet (and YET) still nattering, with the lights off, at around 12.30am...

Me: So... [please insert general chit chat sort of conversation here]

Katie: Well yes... [please insert reply]

Me: Asleep. Completely zonkers. In the 2 seconds it took Katie to reply. And then... (wait for it)

Me: Moooooan. Moooooan. Moooooan. Mooooan.

Yes, I was making noises of a norty nature but in fact I was snoring. But it didn't sound like snoring. It sounded altogether like something else. In fact (apparently) Katie was staring at me in the dark thinking, "Oh my. Oh MY!"

Meanwhile (next door) Rach and Ang are just settling down for the night:

Ang: (taking out one earplug) What's that??!

Rach: (taking out one earplug too) Oh! OH! sounds like someone's

Ang: But...aren't Katie and Chrissie next door?

Both ear plugs are out now. Sitting up and listening intently to "Moooooan. Mooooan. Mooooan. Mooooan."

Rach: I it? Is that SNORING?!!

Yes folks. I snore like a good time girl. Apparently. But only when I'm in hotels on retreats because (apparently) Husband says at home I snore like I'm bringing home the pigs. Which of course is a downright lie because I'm a lady and I don't make anything but the most genteel of breathing noises when I slumber, and my windy-pops smell of roses and lemon-drops.



Nat xxx said...

ROFL!!!! Too funny! Poor Katie Jane is all I can say!! Did she have to put up with that all night?!!! xxx

Taniwha said...

Thank god for earplugs is what I say!

Deborah Duck said...

You never fail to surprise!

nestle said...

So I have tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard. If you did snore like that at home dh wouldn't get any sleep either ;-) hee hee. funny!

Sally said...

I know the feeling Chrissie. Jak had the NERVE to record me on her mobile last weekend. How come Ive been married twenty years and I've never been told I snored. I must be married to the politest man in the world, if Jak is telling the truth. (At least she didn't throw a hissy this time - she didnt speak to me for a week last year cos I kept her awake). lol