Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oooo...get her!!

Our Susie-Woo on the Scrappers Unlimited Team has been and gone and got herself in the BasicGrey gallery with her Together class from Gloucester. She's a big shiny girl eh? Good for her! *happy dance, happy dance* This flat image does it no justice at all because there's lots of dimension to it. So, voila, here are a couple of close-ups of the page too. There's lots of cutting out, pop dots, pretty plastic flowers and holographic embossing powder involved in the making, and it is just as pretty as can be.

So. If you go to the BasicGrey Gallery and pull down the Designers menu, there she be! Just below Rachel Millington. Heh heh!

More photos of the retreat are coming in from our fab delegates. I purloined these ones from Evie and Vanessa (one of the shop owners). The scenery around this hotel is beautiful to say the least, and although it was blummin' glacial at night (says Chrissie, whistfully remembering what it was like to be outside in a t-shirt every day, even at 9 o'clock at night...sob sob), it did make for some beautiful icy autumn morning views.

This is part of the front of the hotel, a 17th century manor house, and this is a frosty-grassed sunrise scene of the fields next to the hotel. Those two birds fluttering from the trees are saying (in a Cotswold accent):

"Phwaaaw! Weren't it perishin' last night Jack?"
"Cor yeah Rookie! I nearly froze me bits off"

(*Chrissie sticks out her pursed lips in a puzzled manner* Do birds have bits?)

Walking distance down the road from the hotel is the village of Down Hatherley, and Vanessa and Lynne snuck off one morning and captured this lovely autumnul shot for their troubles.

Quick post this morning as I have not one but two layouts I need to complete for the Crafty-Ness Design Team and for the Swansea Crop tomorrow.

So I shall leave you with more images from our lovely (and yet, almost a distant memory now...) weekend in the Cotswolds.

Gil being vewy vewy wuuuuuude! Sharon & Bethany and Jenny & Jessica - two of the three mother/daughter* guests at the retreat (all 3 of those pics taken in one of the classrooms). And this is an example of just how comfortable and chilled out people can be...Evie fell asleep on the floor of the crop hall on Saturday afternoon - LOL!!

Nic with her first place winning 'badge' tiara. And Rach being...well... Rach!

Ciao bellas!

* Edited to note that we did, in fact, have FOUR mother/daughters at the retreat I have just realised.


Deborah Duck said...

Well done Sue, fabulous layout, bet Basic Grey are thrilled to have it in their gallery.

Anonymous said...

Ooh well done Sue :o)

Those photos look great! Gorgeous setting to have a lovely time scrapping. I'm glad the retreat went well and everyone enjoyed themselves.