Monday, November 27, 2006

I have Stacy Julian envy...

Don't know if you've seen Clique Tv (and I don't remember now if you have to register to see it) but the other day I sat and watched all the 'On The Clock' films which document a day in the life of Stacy Julian who's the founding editor of Simple Scrapbooks.

The woman. Is.


Can't decide whether I should go for option a) Amazing! Or option b) Waaaaaaaaaaaay too organised

You have to go watch them now. Go...go...go on. But then come back here once you're done.

So last night I found myself thinking, 'I shall be like Stacy Julian. I shall have the quiet time, the prep time, the work time, the family time and the me time. Oh yes I shall. And I shall use my new notebook to be organised in the my prep time and make planning lists every day. Oh yes I shall. And I shall organise my stuff. Oh yes...' (you get the picture). I did bypass the 'I shall go jogging every morning...oh yes I shall' sentence in my head because that's NEVER going to happen.

But. I have Stacy Julian envy. True story.

So this morning I stumbled out of bed at 7.30 (can't do getting up in the winter), and it's now 10.15 and I still haven't had my quiet time or my prep time, and here I am in the thick of work time. AND my house hasn't magically organised itself. Sucky house.

Although I did put on a load of washing at 7.40. Go me.

And then I realised that although she's up at 5am every day (oh yeah baby, FIVE A. M!!!!) (she says "in order to have a great 9 to 5, you have to have a great 5 to 9), that somehow strikes me as a bit. Ummm...


Here's the layout I finished on my birthday. Big snogs to Helen for letting me have one of her precious 7gyppos rub-ons (You're Not the Boss of Me) cos it was as perfect as can be for that photo of Celyn. And thanks Linz for my K&Co rub-ons that let me finish the journaling title.

Right. Off to go jogging.



Deborah Duck said...

Absolutely ROFL at the "off to go jogging". Yeah right!

I'm not even going to read the link, like I'm going to do housework from 5 - 9. I can see the theory behind it, but the reality ... I don't think so. I'm having enough difficulty keeping my sink shiny.

Tina said...

erm, Housework? No, you'll have to remind me!
Jogging I do know: it's what you do when you're late for a bus,right?

(from the woman who overslept this morning,having been up all night with a child with a tummy ache, and then got everyone out of the house having washed/breakfasted/dressed in 14 minutes flat: now that's what I call organised!).

SmileyCarrie said...

LOL... this always happens to me.. I will lie in bed at night and have grand ideas of what I will accomplish the following day.. to .. only do a small fraction of that list in my head that keeps growing .. and growing.. hehehe

Especially the "jogging" part ~ I had said I would get up at 6am to go on the eliptical trainer for 20 mins before work.. heheh.. got up at 6:40, to leave for 7.. whoops! Apparently it didn't work.. hehe

Anonymous said...

I have no concept of what jogging is either!

And I'd go with option b; way too organised!

Kim said...

Jogging?. What sane woman would want to go jogging, when there are more important things to do, like raiding your children's party bags for sweeties 'cos they are not allowed to have them, but you can't resist them! (my favourites are shrimps and bananas)

Anonymous said...

I have just watched the videos again and have noted a few things.
That woman is so organised I'm sure it must be verging on an obsessive behaviour disorder. (Or perhaps I am just jealous that her house is impeciable, and she still has time to do.....well everything!).
The other noted observation being I want her scraproom!

Chrissie said...

Well, Husband said that she is organised but selfishly...he thinks her family revolve around her organisation and her schedule (note, her husband isn't up with her at 5!)

Danny did look very jealous of her tidy drawers and tidy cupboards (as compared to our house! LOL)

Nat xxx said...

Jogging?! Well Chrissie- if you fancy a bit of verrucae-infested, lycra-wrapped swimjimminyjimming with me - read my blog! (actually -what I'm REALLY looking for is a good excuse to get out of it - answers on a postcard please!)

Helen Miles said...

jogging sucks... end of.

Helen Miles said...

i've just watched the videos and she is so a nervous breakdown waiting to happen, her "let's make cookies but don't touch anything" attitude, huh?

domestic goddess said...

she is just way to organised isnt she, makes me feel mega guilty as well, still havnt organised nowt, just surfed insteda!