Monday, October 16, 2006


Okay. See this. This is a car roof. To most people.

Except me.

To me this is a resting place for things personal. "I'll just rest that there" I think, and then said object goes for little spins around the countryside with a lovely view because it's still on the roof. Unfortunately said object is completely crap at holding on and invariably...well...always comes off. And then gets run over. The demise of thing personal. RIP. Etc.

You all know (and have no doubt tittered at) the story of my poor scrapbook album that went for a ride on the roof of my car. We parted company. He got run over. I was then reunited with it, tyre marks and gravelly indentations in many of its pages.


Today I blummin' did it again.

I left my purse on the roof of my sodding car. It flew off from roof of said car about 1 minute after leaving Tesco petrol station (who I blame entirely because I paid at the pump and not at the kiosk because I had two children in the back and couldn't go into the shop to pay...and then you have to pay with your card first, and then put your card/purse down to actually pump the of COURSE I put it on the roof). Purse then spent a while getting run over on the main road until a kindly gentleman, who was on foot at the time, found it, took it home, looked up the Scrappers Unlimited's website (name gleaned from my business debit card) and phoned me. Can you blummin' believe it?!

Well...when we drove over to Gowerton to retrieve my poor purse, it transpired that although that debit card remained in the purse, two other debit cards didn't (one belonging to my mother...oh my, was she NOT a happy bunny!!!!!!) so we've had to cancel them (although Danny and I spent 15 minutes searching the side of the road where me and purse parted company this evening looking for them to no avail). Nothing's been attempted from a stealing point of view, but the cards have gaaaaaawn. And my purse is crushed. The popper doesn't pop any more and it looks decidedly ...well...squashed.

Me and car roofs should be banned from working together. Never, ever let me put anything on a car roof again. Even if I protest at the time.


Nice people who found my purse though. And no major tragedy really.

Yesterday I had the hardest, most *I can't stop, I truly can't stop* laughing fit I have had in a year. Or two. I laughed till I cried. Okay...let me set this up for you. Celyn sometimes (as do most kids) wants to sleep in our bed with us. Just to be near. Or because she's had a bad dream. We're not of the 'no way Jose are you getting into that coming into our bed malarky' parenting thought. I know some parents are but I figure they wont' be doing it when they're 15 (LOL...can you imagine!?) and it's nice to have a cwtsh every now and again. Bonding...ya di ya di ya. However, having said that, 2 adults and a 4 year old in a 4' 6" bed is squished to say the least, especially as Celyn does the breast stroke in her sleep. So, if she's ever wanting to be with us, we set up a mattress on the floor next to our bed and she just is happy as larry in her little 'camp bed'.

So...she's been on her camp bed for 2 or 3 nights last week, and last night she couldn't get to sleep. She was a bit whingy and said she wanted to sleep on the actual bed, so in the end Danny got into his PJs [read 'underwear' because neither of us own PJs, let alone wear them], got into bed, and lay there chatting to her quietly. He figured he'd just wait it out till she fell asleep and then come back downstairs. Which is what happened...she fell asleep.

So, there he was, just making sure she was definitely in the land of nod before he joined me in watching some chill-out TV...when my mum walks in.

Now this is not a normal occurrence. Although she lives with us, my mum doesn't come into our bedroom. Not ever. So it was a bit of a shock. And she didn't say a word (because, it became clear, she had no idea he was there). She had heard Celyn whinging earlier and then (it later transpired) had wondered if she was alright and hadn't heard Danny come upstairs.

So she walked into the bedroom and then bent over in the dim light and was staring, staring, staring at the mattress on the floor. She expected Celyn to be down on the floor and was trying to work out where her head was. So she just kept in the same bent over position, just staring and staring, waiting for her eyes to adjust.

All the while, Danny, who is in bed remember in his underwear, is quite perturbed by his 84 year old mother-in-law standing in his bedroom, and also can't understand why she is bent over staring at an empty mattress.

Well, when he came downstairs and recounted this tale to me I burst into the loudest, most side-splittingly howling fit of laughter I'd had in ages. I could just imagine Danny clutching the duvet around his neck, trying to protect his modesty, and wondering why she was bent over staring at the floor. The more I thought about it, the funnier it became until I could hardly breathe. I had tears pouring down my face, and Danny was as bad as me. I truly was much so that my mum actually shouted down from the top of the stairs to ask what on earth was so funny, which made me laugh harder and harder and harder.

I'm quite sure some of you reading this won't get why this is funny at all, but some of my friends will (Sue Turney being one of them...and I'm going to email her to make sure she reads this blog entry! She has a sense of the ridiculous just like me. I miss laughing with her - she's a friend in Reading by the way).


I just had to blog that story so I would remember it and laugh again in years to come.


xx Nat xx said...

lol!!! I just hope your mum owns PJ's - that really would have been too much!!

Re the purse on the roof - *rolls eyes* - when will you ever learn?!!


SmileyCarrie said...

Oh Dear Chrissie.. so sorry to hear about your purse!! I had never heard the scrapbook story. You need to install some alarm system that goes off if anything is put on top of the roof ;)

That is a great story... too bad you hadn't been able to snap a picture of that.. imagine.. ;)

Deborah Duck said...

Thank goodness you can't put Celyn on the roof!!!

Taniwha said...

I've got tears rolling down my cheeks!

Remind me to tell you the story of Nicky's wallet next time I talk to you. That was funny too. It's nice to know there are good people in the world who will pick things up and try and contact the owner though. Glad you got your wallet back, even if it was missing a few bits.