Wednesday, October 04, 2006

She makes me LAUGH!

Driving back from the bank today after picking up Celyn from school at lunchtime...

Celyn: "Mummy, can I have some of that water please?" [I was swigging a bottle of Evian]

Me: "Yes of course [passing back the bottle]... here you go. I've loosened the lid a little bit. Make sure you screw it back on tight when you've finished"

[Celyn drinks]

Me: "Have you put the lid back on tight, tight, tight?"

Celyn: "Yes"

Me: "Really tight tight?" (worrying about water glugging all over the back seat of the car)

Celyn (slightly irritated voice) "Yes Mummy! I've put it on as tight as a cow could do it!"

Cue me falling about laughing.


Celyn: "This drink is really cold because it's freezing cold today"

Me: "No it's not! It's quite warm and sunny today! You've just had to take off your sweatshirt because you were too warm eh?"

Celyn: "Yes. It's really warm. It's as hot as a carrot!"

Cue me falling about laughing again.

Me: "Why is it as hot as a carrot then Celyn?" (still laughing)

Celyn: "Because he's fallen into a pot of boiling water stupid"

Okay. She didn't say "stupid". But she would have done were she older and ruder.

Oh my heavens, she makes me laugh!

I'm scrapping today. I may even post some pages later. Don't faint.


SmileyCarrie said...

LOL as hot as a carrot.. love it ;) Such a cute photo!!

So are you going to post a whole layout .. or just a corner? ;)

Chrissie said...

No. I may do a whole entire layout. Knock yourself out!!!!

Flat Golly said...

Its as cold as a pea over know like the frozen ones in my freezer!

Thanks for making me smile.

Anonymous said...

Aww she's such a cutie! :o)
Look forward to seeing your layout - a whole one! :o)

Beth said...

Aww, I love the comments kids make, spesh when they are as young as your lil one too. Ours is 11 years old, though he still comes out with lots of funny sayings and interpretations of things. Hot as a carrot eh? Beth XX