Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who DO you think you are!!!?

One of my favourite programmes...on my Must See TV returning this very eve. And (better and better), on the line-up for this series is Nigella Lawson. Now...don't get me wrong...I am definitely straight. I like blokes. Big square shoulders and rippling stomach muscles are absolutely my cup of tea...not that I drink tea...but you know what I mean. But Nigella is mesmerising. She just exudes sex appeal. I think I'm so fascinated by her because I admire everything about her...her calm poise, her intelligence, her wit, the way she expresses herself, her cooking, the way she has handled tragedy in her life, her curvy figure (stick thin women do my head in) and that huge je ne sais quoi that makes her a sexy sexy lady. I know very few men that don't find her attractive.

Do any of you ladies feel this way about another woman (celeb)? It's not that you fancy them...but you are completely drawn by them? Please tell me I'm not alone - ROFL!!!

Anyway...also in this season's line up is Jeremy Irons (who I've met...and I'll tell you...THAT is a SEXY MAN. Phwaaaw!) (do you think I'm over-compensating after my Nigella worshipping - LOL?)...and also Robert Lindsay who I have seen on stage a couple of times in the West End and love. But whoever's on the line-up, this show is fabulous. I love family history, and it's completely fascinating to find out these people's roots.

So don't go phoning me at 9pm tonight. I won't answer. BBC 1. And it's Barbara Windsor tonight.
Other stuff: I've been completing the class sheets for the Scrappers Unlimited seminar on Saturday at Crafty-Ness. It's loads of work (people don't realise how much sometimes), but I enjoy putting these seminars together. Julia and I both's so rewarding because we actually TEACH principles and skills that actually improve our delegates' work. Wouldn't it be fun to run a scrapbooking school...? to sort out dinner (back to reality!)


domestic goddess said...

i lurve nigella, she is my goddess,
ps can you send me your addy again, i have deleted it!

Carrie said...

I love Rachael Ray (surprise surprise if you ever see all the recipes on my blog!!) and used to be factinated by Rebecca Romijn .. a beautiful woman.

So I don't think you're alone :0)

Anonymous said...

I think Halle Berry is simply gorgeous! I want her body! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh and a little rant of mine; women always say 'gosh she is pretty' or something similar, yet when you ask a man does he think another man is good looking, they simply can't! Weird!

xx Nat xx said...

mmmmm.......Robert Lindsey..........there's something about him in that dentist outfit in My!!