Thursday, September 07, 2006


I hate that song, 'Isn't it Ironic?' I spend 90% of the time it's played on the radio (because heaven knows I don't OWN a copy of it) screaming at the direction of said radio: "Well actually NO it's NOT ironic...and you obviously DON'T know the meaning of the word you silly woman!" .

I know. I need therapy. But all she needed to do was look it up in the dictionary and her song would be a pleasure to listen to. As it is - snappy tune; stupid words.

Irony means an oddly contradictory situation. For example, if you trip just as you are telling someone else to be careful, that's irony. Irony is NOT that it "rains on your wedding day". That's just tough luck. And irony is NOT "the good advice that you just didn't take" either Ms. Morissette. That would be stupidity....

Irony is also if you transfer your blog to Beta Blogger and then realise that there are problems with people posting comments on your blog BUT never wax lyrical that "at least I can post photos at the speed of light now"...and then it won't let you upload any photos.

So, Alanis my love, stick THAT in your song.

Anyway...if you are having problems commenting on my blog now there are four things you can do to overcome this:

1. Update YOUR blog to Beta Blogger and then we'll all be happy (it IS way way faster when it is (normally) uploading photos; or

2. Create a second account that you then update to Beta Blogger and use THAT to comment on my (and any other Beta people's) blog; or

3. Just email me your comment -; or

4. Scoff at commenting to me anyway, and go and write a letter to the Alanis Morissette Fan Club about my derisory ramblings just to get me in a heap of trouble.



Carrie said...


Carrie said...

Yes it worked!!
I hated not being able to comment! I can't change my blog over yet.. hopefully soon.

Anyhow.... just wanted to tell you that your post made me laugh soooo hard. We just heard that song on the radio this past weekend. I cant never hear it without thinking of my high school english teacher, who played the song for us and told us practically none of her "irony" was really irony... it so true. I did the same thing this weekend.. yell at the radio "excuse me, alanis, a free ride, when you're already late, isn't irony."


Anonymous said...

I have had this debate many times – it is a good one! Arguably many of the notions that appear in the song are actually examples of cosmic irony, which according to the Oxford English dictionary means, "as if in mockery of the fitness or rightness of things", such as "a death row pardoned, two minutes too late".
However, if you do not take cosmic irony into account, then you could argue that the whole song in its entirety is ironic as there is an absurdity in a song titled "Ironic" which ultimately contains no irony in its most common form. This is actually what Alanis was getting at, as she has stated in several interviews.
That is my 2 penneth worth anyhoo :o)

Chrissie said...

Chuh. She stated that in interviews AFTER she realised she'd written the dumbest song in the world and backtracked really fast! LOL

xx Nat xx said...

It's a pretty ditty tho innit?!!!!