Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So, here's the scoop...

Dum-dee-dee dum-dee-dee dum-dee-dee dum Bo-naaaaaaan-zAAAAAAA (as sung by me rather loudly in our hotel bathroom, while Sue (outside, bien sure!) regretted ever getting that tune in my head).

So, first of all, there were things that I noticed that I was impressed by (because I like a bit of feel-good). Our last class of the weekend was the Junkitz class which was not, as planned, being taught by Claire Cameron of Scrapbook World as she'd been rushed into hospital with pre-eclampsia. I was impressed by the fact that all the teachers there, it appears, without batting an eyelid or a grumble of any sort, immediately took on her classes. Dyan from Art from the Heart (would put a link there but don't know it) was the step-into-the-breach teacher of that class, much to her terror, because she was having to teach a layout, and getting inky-wiv-it in an altered way is definitely more her thing. But I was impressed that she was so honest about it (I do like a bit of honest) and, anyway, it was a nice layout. Plus she gave loads of little tips about glue and such like that were invaluable (although last year's Junkitz papers weren't the greatest product). I told her it was like buying a ticket to see Ronnie Corbett and finding out when you got there that it was, in fact, Peter Kay :-D

I was impressed by Alicia Tucker who, as I approached the ticket office to ask them something, was being shouted at by 'completely ranting off her head woman'. And her beef was not valid either (sometimes people have justification at Bonza for getting arsy, but her moan was not one). And Alicia was uncharacteristically calm. I told her well done as she is, by anyone's standards and admission, not a calm dealer usually. No one gets anywhere by shouting (*lesson to self!). Stand your ground, yes. Be firm, yes. Don't shout. It's just pees people off.

And I was impressed that somebody (who shall remain nameless), came up and said hello to me. Despite a loh-hoh-hot of 'history'. They needn't have. It was gracious and I was appreciative of it.

So. The classes were good. We took 3 Rusty Pickles (yum - LOL), but (in retrospect) I wish we'd only taken 2. It was fun to yabber about Utah and BYU with Lance and he made me crave some enchiladas at Los Hermanos in Provo, or the best root beer in the world at Brick Oven, the swine (click that link...I can SMELL the particular smell of that pizza restaurant as soon as I look at the site! Slather).

I personally loved the Making Memories class as it was a clean, simple lines looking layout (which I like) and there were loads of products left over. We actually had a discussion about this point on Friday evening. Do scrapbookers go to these classes to learn something new (I wanted to but can't honestly say I did) or is it just about the atmosphere, another layout done, and lots of stuff to play with after? I think the second. Unless you went to one of the altered classes (which isn't my thing). I also enjoyed meeting Wendy Milne of Scenic Route (and oh...anyone who's coming to Gloucester 2, there's definitely a Scenic Route layout coming your way AND a challenge by them with a gor-hor-hor-geous prize). I also really enjoyed the All My Memories class taught by the lovely Anna Bowkis. It was Saturday afternoon and she was feeling pretty worn out and achy by this juncture, bless her. But I just loved that we did an entire album all in one hour (minus photos of course). I didn't mind that it was a kit. I just liked doing LOADS. I gave her a quick shoulder massage in this picture, bless her (I remember how I felt last year!)

The Heidi Swapp class was one of Sue's favourites. The best part of that was I won (I actually won!! This is unheard of!) a pick-a-name-at-random prize of Heidi Swapp colouring pencils. SCRUMMY BUM BUMS! I was very happy! And the Heidi Swapp bubble bath which we all got as part of our kits, smells just addictive! I keep going to have a surrepticious snort (of the smell, you understand) because it's so gorgeous.

Apart from classes, we had a good time seeing people. Sue spotted her next-door-neighbour (literally next door) from when she was living in Northampton several years ago. How bizarre is that? And I got a hello and a hug off the fabby Kirsty Wiseman (wish I could've taken one of her classes but they were all beginner's ones...). And I spotted Lemon through my classroom window and dived out the door, just so I could give her a cuddle (which was reciprocated). We women are so touchy-feely!! Very nice too to chat to Lily My Lovely aka Karen, and also Tracy Johnson, who told me she'd been hand-writing on her layouts ever since my journaling class last year (good girl!!!) - that was very cool and I wish I'd had more time to chat to her. Also saw Michelle who came to our last retreat in the Brecons with her fabby children, Charlotte and Daniel. I gave her a hug, and then one each to send back to her kids. Great to see her! She's COOL!

We had a room full of people on Friday evening, just before dinner. Spotted Viv from Worcester who goes to Linz's crops at Crafty Pastimes, and then when she opened the door to pop to her room, Margaret and Emma from Artbasespotted me through the gap so 'tap tap tap' and in they came! We were all hanging out in the Scrappers Unlimited bedroom, when the thunder and lightning started, and then all the lights went out as it had struck the building (and Sue had a violent urge to disappear under her duvet...she hates lightning because, as she points out, "it can kill you" - LOL). Anyway, it was very cool meeting the irrepressible Margaret and her daughter Emma at long last - she was nothing like I imagined her. I imagined a grey haired 'Marks & Spencer' type lady. Ummmm...no. Just take a look at her shoes for case in point. So we told them we felt like we were hanging with scrapping royalty, and thence we were given the twisty-wrist royal wave every time we saw each other the rest of the weekend, to which we replied with lots of forelock tugging. Here's us hanging out in our room (please note the very grey thundery sky outside the window). Do you think I was a big enough suck-up, resting my head on her shoulder? ROFL!! Never mind, she bought me a drink AND a creme brulee on Friday evening. My cunning plan worked. FANKS!!!

Also got to hang a bit with the UKScrappers girls - Mary-Anne, Bev and Fi (Scrap Bunny). And all I can say about that is TEA TOWELS!!! And possibly 'CHEESE'! And also BEACH TOWELS (rub, rub, rub! ROFL). They were good fun and it was nice to meet Bev and Fi IRL (not that it wasn't nice to meet Mary-Anne...I'd just met her before, you understand!)

And of course we saw 'our crowd'...the girls from Crafty-Ness and I got to be with Susie-Woo all weekend, which was a pleasure. She's GRRRRREAT (even if she did shout at me in the middle of the night in her sleep...ha ha). Oh...and tip for the future. Don't park your car under the trees in the Hilton car park!

PS. Ooo ooo...just remembered. Got to meet Ally T in the flesh too (and her fun mum!) over breakfast. It's all good! Breakfast with Ally T...sounds like a film or summat!


domestic goddess said...

shoulder massage was sooo needed, thanks babes xoxoxoxo

Chrism said...

wow that was a mammoth post. well done. glad you had a fabby time at bonza baby :)

see you at gloucester 2nd November :) :) :)

BevS97 said...

I am loving that you posted the shots of MaryAnne, I have some equally good ones, but got scared of MA and decided I'd best not post them!

Kim said...

Wow, that was a long blog, it took me three goes to read it on the sly in work today. Glad you had a nice time. (was there anyone there that you didn't know?)

Chrissie said...

LOL!! Sue kept telling me "You know EVERYBODY". But I assure you I don't! :)

Donswishes blog said...

look like you had a great time hows your big picture class going i thinking of taking the plunge!

Nicola said...

sounds like you had a fantastic time, and i recongise those lasies in your room and those crocs..