Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bank Holiday Challenge Time Agaaaaain...

Well, I thought I'd give you fine peeps much more notice for the Bank Holiday Challenge this time (anyone would think you had other things to do apart from scrapbook your life away - chuh!)


Ya reeeeeh-deeeee?

The challenge is...

Take an item of clothing from your house (yours, a family member's, something that no-one's laying claim to but kicks around in the back of your wardrobe), and use it as inspiration for a page. You could re-create the pattern, use the colour combinations on the clothing, or particular shapes and colours mixed together. OR you can use the actual item itself to form part of the page. OR you can scrap about the item of clothing itself (if there's a story to be told in them there hills). As Blind Date Graham would say, "The choice is yoooooours."

The layout can be about anything you like subject-wise (unless you decide to actually scrap about the clothing itself). And the clothing can be any item...tops, skirts, trousers, shoes, hats, belt-buckles - heck, even an old pair of knickers, I don't care!

The layout has to be emailed to me,, by MIDDAY, TUESDAY 30th MAY. And again there is a prize (scrumptiousness) and, more importantly, the head-expanding glory of it all when you win!

Any questions, just yell...well...ask politely actually :-D

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