Friday, April 28, 2006

I know you're waiting...

to hear about Celyn, mackerel and the scary baby, but you'll just have to wait cos I've been tagged by the talented and very lovely Mrs Clarke and I'm in JUST the mood for a tag:

1. 5 things in my fridge

  • Bobs (this is our family word for anything along the yogurt/fromage frais line, because the first one Celyn was aware of eating was a Bob the Builder one and she just referred to them as Bobs, and it stuck. It's hilarious when it's only me and Danny talking and we say, "Oh, we need to buy Bobs while we're at the supermarket" or something. LOL!)
  • Asparagus tips (for my baked asparagus recipe I'm making again this weekend - see my blog entry of 18 April)
  • A big bag of carrots
  • Stilton cheese (deeeelish!)
  • Cranberry juice

2. 5 things in my wardrobe

  • Lots of clothes I can't fit into any more. AAAAALL of my clothes that I wear are in the laundry in various stages of the cleansing process!
  • Lots of Danny's clothes (he owns waaaaay more clothes than I do)
  • My Scrappers Unlimited waistcoat that Nicola's mum made me as my name badge at last year's Gloucester retreat (the woman is a marvel and I just LOVED it!)
  • Various pairs of shoes, including my sandals which I must pull out and start wearing in this sunny weather
  • A belt off a skirt because I just don't do belts

3. 5 things in my bag

  • A notebook I keep for 'family' things...what we're doing for family night, shopping lists, notes from church meetings, etc.
  • Reuben's funeral programme from today
  • A really pretty emery board
  • My Pebl phone, charged and everyfink!
  • Several Tesco Computers for Schools vouchers

4. 5 things in my car

  • 3 small Easter eggs given to my husband and left there because a chocoholic he ain't (but I need to move them otherwise they're going to melt all over the place)!
  • My mobile phone charger
  • A book I'm reading when I wait for Celyn during her ballet class, 'The Ode Less Travelled' by Steven Fry (about poetry)
  • A crate of Chatterbox papers I still haven't taken out of the car from Brecons retreat (slattern)
  • Several plants - pansies, violas, a marguerite, a yellow daisy, an ivy and some evergreen trees - I just bought at the garden centre (summer is a coming in!)

5. 5 programmes I would save on Tivo (if I had it!)

  • Desperate Housewives
  • Will & Grace
  • Judging Amy
  • Lost (from the very beginning because everyone says its fab and I've never seen it)
  • Who Do You Think You Are

There you go. And now I'm tagging...ummmm...Fiona, Linz, Jakki, Vanessa, and Rach. You're it!!

PS. Does anyone know how I can get that stupid rectangle above my header to go back to being a strip. Don't know what I did but it's really annoying me!


Jackie said...

all done, but its also ALL very boring LOL

Can I get back to scrapping now please :P

Jak x

Nicola said...

cant do the triangle thing but you could help me out with my links yours are working.

Linz said...

Will have to wait to do my tag - too tired and need to go to bed at the moment - nag me (your good at that :)) if I haven't done it soon.

Chrissie said...

What do you mean "you're good at that" !!! I'm shocked and appalled!


julia said...

Have Lost on DVD if you want to borrow!

Chrissie said...

Oooo yes pleeeeeease!!

Sue said...

Are you collecting Tesco Computer vouchers - I have loads because I keep saying yes even though I don't know any school actually wanting them!!

Linz said...

If Chrissie isn't I am Sue :-)


we want to hear about Celyn and the Mackerel NOW :)