Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Roll Up, Roll Up...

...Git your scrapbookin' 'ere. I'm teaching a beginners class tonight at Celyn's primary school and I realised it's been ages since I've taught total beginners, it's almost scary! Between the lot of them they don't own one paper trimmer, they've never even seen a brad, let alone heard of one, and Pritt Stick is de rigeur cos they won't have Hermi, that's for sure! Anyway, I created this layout of Celyn's first day at nursery school as one of the two classes and I'm quite pleased with it, even if it is fairly basic. I was yabbing to Julia on the phone doing the 'Day' part of the title and the D went wonky. Ho well! Got to go and pack up 10 kits now, write and print the handouts, and buy some munchies to keep them fed and watered.

Chrissie x


julia said...

So it's my fault you D's on the wonk!

Chrissie said...

Of COURSE it's your fault! Tut. Really. Some people *roll eyes*