Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not wanting to be a sadcake or anything, but...


Ahem. Compose yourself, compose yourself. It's just that I've been tagged. No biggie. Just my first. No sweat....

Thanks to Just Jools for the tag (inked around the edge, and with THE cutest ribbon) and such fab questions too.

What scrapbooking lines/products/etc. do you dislike?

I really don't like one of the last (pre-CHA) Basic Grey lines...Fusion (see piccie). Picture yourself in a dodgy hotel...bit tired looking, trying its best but needs a damn good interior designer to gut the place. As your eyes glance around, look either at (a) the bedspread (just the fact that it's a bedspread... but I think I'm losing the plot here...focus Chrissie, focus); or (b) the curtains. What do you see? You see that damn Fusion paper in material form. It. Is. Minging.

I also HATE peel offs. The delightsome sheer laughing joy of having a friend phone me from around the corner at last year's Stitches to tell me that she was spying on a certain 'card celebrity' (who shall remain nameless) who was in the process of buying a shedload of holographic teddybear peel offs.... THAT is the only use for the things...they are fabulous fodder for a good mock. But then peel offs aren't really a scrapbooking product anyway. Still, I had to make the point.

What is the hardest thing you have ever had to scrap?

My wedding photos because they're very lovely and they're of one of the best days of my whole life but I've taken so long to do them (done a couple of pages) that I actually don't like the paper I started out using, although the colours are perfect (is it scrapbook snobbery...because they're not 'trendy' now?). So I feel the need to redo, but then I have memories associated with the 2 pages I HAVE done and oh it's such a dilemma.

What technique do you use more than any other?

At the moment it's circles, waves, circles, curves, and oh...what the heck...circles. My Circle Scribe's never seen so much action.

Ever been published?

Yes, in The Scrapbook Magazine.

What's the smallest scrap of paper you save?

Scraps of paper. Can't be tiddled with them. I give them away to scrapping buddies who grab the carrier bags full to their chests and glance around the room in a "keep off, it's MINE" manner. It's got to be at least half a sheet of 12x12 for me to keep it.

Ever have any scrapbooking-related injuries?

Sticky-Willie-Related Irritible Bowel Syndrome Trots. I really had to watch myself at the last retreat so I didn't end up in the toilet. You think I'm joking?... Apart from that, no not really. Nearly burnt myself on a heat gun a couple of times but not anything really.

Finish the sentence "If I wasn't a scrapbooker, I would spend my money on....."

Well, this question suggests that I spend out on scrapbooking stash, whereas (hopefully) I actually EARN money from scrapbooking...and then I go out and buy the other stuff I need/want.

Give us your best storage or organisational ideal

What is this 'organisation' you speak of? Chuck it all in the Artbin and hope for the best, and then borrow what you can't find is usually my method of working (bad Chrissie, bad, bad, bad)

You just won a week-long scrapbooking cruise for 5. Who's going with you?

I'm sort of with Jools on this waaaaant to say your family but the words that actually fall out in a rush from my scrappy mouth are JuliaFionaSueAmber. It wouldn't be any fun being on a scrapbooking cruise without my scrapping buddies (I could name another 10 people at least but as they are my lovely team on Scrappers Unlimited one feels that one should ask them first!). The fifth place would go to George Clooney who would be our Scrap Slave during the cruise and keep us topped up with iced drinks and delicious nibbles... Ah hang on...including me, that makes 6. Dump Clooney overboard.

After you've answered the questions, tag six of your scrapbook buddies!

Ah. Right. Six scrapping buddies who also blog. You'll have to give me a day or two...

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