Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nutter in Fforestfach Tescos, Swansea...

Funny little incident that made me look like the local nutter walking round Tescos this afternoon...

I was sauntering up the rice and pasta aisle, and a family were wandering down in the opposite direction. Dad was at the front, towing a 3 year old girl along, and mum was pushing the trolley about 5 or so feet behind them, gazing at the shelves. As I passed them, the man said back to his wife, enthusiastically, "Oh, d'ya know...the BOXING is on telly tonight!!!" I glanced at the wife as he said this, and her face said it all:


But of course her beloved couldn't see this, and she actually replied, trying to sound keen (but I knew better...!) "Oh right. What side?"

(Wasn't she nice!)

I laughed all the way up that aisle, and all the way back down the next one.


misteejay said...

Hope they have a second TV in the house LOL

Glad it made you smile. Hope there were no mishaps in the frozen food aisle...we don't want to come searching for you again amongst the frozen peas LOL

Have a good weekend, Chrissie.

Toni :o)

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