Sunday, May 04, 2008

Conversation with Celyn...

...whilst driving her to her Nanny's yesterday:

Celyn: Mummy, when is that moneybanks day?
Me: *Looking puzzled* What? What day?
Celyn: Moneybanks day.
Me: *Completely not understanding and racking my brains thinking about something I might have said about money or piggybanks or giving her money on a certain day...* Um...can you explain what you mean? Tell me when I said it.
Celyn: You know. That day you told me about...moneybanks day, when I don't go to school
Me: *Ting...lightbulb goes on over my head* Oooooooh!!! Bank Holiday Monday!! *Now have to keep looking out of my right-hand window whilst driving, so she can't see me struggling like crazy to keep my guffaws of laughter under total control* Yes, yes *breathe, breathe..control, control* holiday Monday. That's this Monday luvvie...


misteejay said...

Children say the strangest things but that's what creates memories to treasure. Toni :o)

Petronella said...

Now won't Bank Holidays in your house always be called Moneybanks Day from now on!