Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Traditional Easter Scrap

Because *that's* a phrase sweeping the nation. Heh.

Had the S Wales Crop yesterday and I was DEEEEEEtermined to ACTUALLY scrapbook. I am mighty fed up of going to crops...actually having a WHOLE DAY where I can ACTUALLY scrapbook because that's what I'm there to do, and spending said day administrating and talking and not actually doing anything. S'rrrrrrubbish. So I took along a Pencil Lines sketch and a box stuffed full of the most faaaaaabulous (dahling) American Crafts products (wot I got sent by a rather fabulous person in America) and spent most of my non-chatting time doing this layout. I then submitted it into the crop challenge (which I had set) and then realised that it was supposed to be an Easter theme. *snort* What a div.

Anyway...I'm rather liking these here American Crafts papers and chipboard letters and all. They're a bit yummy aren't they? And thanks to Sue and Linz for the ribbon. And Fi for her pen.

Busy busy busy girly Iyam, trying to do all the last minute details of the retreat which begins (for me and the team) on Wednesday. I sat in church this morning unable to concentrate (bad Chrissie, bad Chrissie) because of little jobs that kept popping into my head, so I just gave up and grabbed my phone, typing in a whole list of important tasks to get done before the off. On that list is my determination that, no matter how busy I will get at the retreat (which I don't mind...I'm there to do a job after all, and a job I enjoy very much), that I will do at least one or two pages for me. But that means PREPARATION. I can't go with a vague wish. I HAVE to make up a kit of papers and photos that can be scrapbooked together.
Lovely beautiful gorgeous Easter day today...17 degrees, beautiful sunny day. I love is definitely my favourite holiday (far surpassing Christmas for me). The sun shines, the flowers are all out, the birds are singing (I heard a beautiful blackbird (my very very favourite) whistling a tune on top of a roof in the middle of the village yesterday evening. I have a little silly thing that because I love (LOVE) the song of a blackbird so much, God always sends them to sing just for me. Dappy I know, but it keeps me happy). We have four days of Easteriness, and it's not over commercialised...but there is an attitude of giving and being with family. And no 'enforced jollity' (like what one gets at the Christmas/New Year's season). I. Love. It.
So my lamb, honey roast carrots, and roast potatoes are all cooking in the oven, sending gorgeous aromas around the house, and Husband has just gone off to Penllergaer Woods to set up an Easter egg hunt for Celyn (photo op' I think!)... I need to follow with Daughter in about 10 minutes. Tomorrow we're all going to Folly Farm/Tenby for the day. And then it's Monday evening and Tuesday work-like-the-clappers to get ready for Wednesday.
I'll blog with eggy hunt pictures later. Happy Easter everyone :-)

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Nat xxx said...

Not long now!! Know what you mean about preoccupied - I've had a grand total of 7 hours sleep during the last 48 hours as I keep up worrying about not finising my planner and box, then getting up to work on it! I'm having to work on it at work too (tsk - hehe!) or it's not going to be done. I'm enjoying it though - and it's lookng yum!!
Love your "Easter" (ahem) LO - American Crafts rock!! xxx