Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's all good

I must admit to reeling a little. After having a few days "off" (as I work from home, I can hardly say I didn't "go" to work! LOL) following the busy-ness that was the Brecons retreat, I sent the Swansea Summer Time Out and Gloucester 3 retreats live on the Scrappers Unlimited website yesterday, late morning.

Gloucester 3 was full by 10 o'clock this morning (although I have since begged the hotel for another two more rooms...but then that is definitely it, it, it), and the Swansea retreat is 65% full (get me with the percentages - heh!). Wow!!! Brecons 2 sold out in less than 24 hours but I'm amazed it's happened again!

It's all very pleasing to know that people enjoy the Scrappers Unlimited retreats so much, and that word of mouth is selling these for us with hardly any advertising. I have a great team who do wonderful classes and people really enjoy being with them as people too. Kudos to them. Anyway...if you fancy bagging one of those final spaces then go here and get clicking.

I'm trying to sort something special for Gloucester 3 too...hush hush (I haven't even told my team about it We'll see if it happens first!)

Off to Reading on Friday for the Shape Up for Design Seminar with Julia (on Saturday), so I've got to get my derriere into gear packing up the kits

*Chrissie exudes a noise not unlike a cat choking on a fur ball*

I hate packing kits. Never mind. It'll be lovely to see our delegates, some of whom we're becoming quite good friends with now. And I also get to see some of my close friends as I lived in Reading nearly all my life. YEY!

It's my dad's birthday on the Sunday so I thought I would visit the memorial garden where he was...scattered (is that the word? LOL), seeing as I'm there that weekend (although we're coming home Saturday night). He died in June 1983 when I was very young really, and I can honestly say in all that time there hasn't been one day go by that I haven't thought of him.

So. Kits are calling. Tra la bleuch. I shall leave you with some lovely pictures of my girly-girl on the patio last Saturday (when the weather was still sunny and warm... *sigh*). Did I mention I got patio furniture? Oh the fun of spending money! AND *smug grin* a friend from church here who likes gardening like I like scrapbooking (imagine that!?!...she's nuts!) has said that she's happy to come to my house once a week and sort out my gardens, front and back.

I, my dears, have a gardener. Now all I need is a cleaner and I'll have a full set.

So soon we'll be able to sit on my lovely patio, on my lovely patio furniture, admiring my lovely garden. It's all good! And...as I finished typing this blog entry, I glanced through the window and noticed that the rain has stopped, and the sun is shining brightly again. It IS all good!


Tina said...

Oh, what a lovely patio you have there Lady Willicombe!

Don;t forget my pinny?

Amber Lewis said...

Ok, you can't say that you have something special lined up and then not tell me!!!
That's just cruel.

Flat Golly said...

The patio furniture looks lovely. Great blue colour...matched the papers yet?

Nat xxx said...

Patio's looking good! Summer here we come!! xxx

Andrea said...

Looks good. Enjoy your patio. hope you get to relax on it lots.

SmileyCarrie said...

Such sweet pictures of lovely Celyn ~ she's adorable!