Monday, April 16, 2007

I actually actually did it...

After saying I would, I did. Go me! At the retreat this past weekend I actually scrapbooked two whole pages for me, me, me.


Technically, I created one page and finished one that had been floating around in my unfinished pile since December. But still...schaaaaa-wiiiing. Two new pages. Heh!

'Munch Bunch' has photos of Celyn's friends at her birthday party last September. The girl's name has been rubbed out for obvious reasons (so... what I'm trying to say is... it doesn't have a big white line through it on the original one. Honest to goodness). I just love those photos though...she's fab she is.

And 'My Star' is Celyn age 3, Christmas 2005, wearing the hat she made in nursery school that year. There once was a girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead.... Big 'momentes speciales' (joke from the retreat) to Helen who said "ribbon...rouche and staple, rouche and staple" when I had stared at this half-finished layout for a good half hour without any inspiration at all. I'm like a little wind up toy...just set me off in the right direction and I'll toddle off by myself. Anyway...very happy with the rouche and staple, thanks very much Helen. AND (on t'other layout) I used some Pebbles Inc shaker doo-dads that I've had since Noah was a yoof, which work a treat with that yum-bum American Crafts papers (loves them I do). It's all good.

My patio got laid while I was away at the retreat too *joyous balletic type movements around the room, flapping floaty scarves and pirouetting a bit* Shame I haven't got any patio furniture ain't it? And the garden looks like some scrub land at the back of the local tip. Ho hum...I expect I'll have to sort THAT out now. Chuh. Seriously happy to have a patio at long last though and I intend to sit on it a-blummin-lot this summer.

Right. Off to do housework *yawn*


misteejay said...

Lovely LOs - love the rouching. Its great you managed to get some 'me' stuff done.

Make the most of your patio, mine currently has a huge hole in it and the rest is covered in mud and rubble (result of trying to trace our water supply) :o( Toni

Sketchy said...

How cute! I love the way you layered the paper in the second one, and the ribbon work is the perfect touch! And love the photos and title from the first, how fun!

And yay! for some "you-ness" pages.

Flat Golly said...

Oh yes - rouching - definitely lovely.

Glad the patio is finished!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you managed to get some scrapping done for yourself over the time you spent at the retreat. Lovely layouts they are too! :o) I think the papers you used on the 'Munch Bunch' layout are so yummy!


Anonymous said...

rouche and staple, rouche and staple, momentos especiales... nuff said