Sunday, August 20, 2006


While my roast potatoes are just finishing cooking (roast lamb dinner today - the great British Sunday dinner is surpassed by none...)

Here are the photos of our lovely Friday where the sun shone just for us.

So...(ahem)...first we have Molly and Tina on the cliffs at Bracelet Bay with Mumbles Lighthouse in the background.

And then we have Molly and Tina with happy tastebuds in Joe's Ice-Cream Parlour.

And finally, this is what happens when you let kids loose on Caswell Bay beach:

Wet t-shirts.
Wet knickers.
Wet hair.
Sand in my car (but I don't care, especially as I have leather seats...did I mention that? :D )

Mmmm...roast lamb is wafting up the stairs. Gotta go put on the Yorkshire puddings!


Taniwha said...

Chrissie, my favourite CD to listen to in the car at the moment, is Feeder, the singles. Whenever I hear Buck Rogers, I've taken to singing....

He's got a brand new car
Looks like a Jaguar
It's got leather seats
Just like Chrissie's people carrier (carrier... carrier.. carrier)


Chrissie said...


I have a song about my car. How cool am I? :D

Deborah Duck said...

mmm - I'll have to dig out that photo I have of you with wet t-shirt and wet knickers.

Taniwha said...

Oh my! *blink*

Tina said...

Can I just reassure you all that my knickers were quite dry?!
.....Can't vouch for Chrissie's though.....

SmileyCarrie said...

Mmm your dinner sounds great. Yummmmmmy.

Hmm.... wet knickers & tshirt huh?? Could be interesting pictures :)

evie said...

Wet clothes aside, the photo of those two girls is uber-cute! they are so gorgeous :)

~*Gems*~ said...

Ewww Sunday dinner! I hate roast dinners.
Those photos are lovely! And I think I'm gonna have to fight Celyn for Caswell huh?!
~*Gems*~ x*x*x

Chrissie said...

Conkers at 40 paces I think Gems...