Thursday, June 08, 2006

There is sunshine in my soul today...

I've been busy this week and been a quasi-pseudo blogger. Repent, repent, repent. In my defence, husband has had his final performance for his music degree (he had to choose six pieces of music that showed off his various skills on the guitar...both electric and acoustic...and then put together a band to accompany him, although the examiners only really look at his playing). He was cacking himself, to put it politely, but he's good and I'm sure he's done well. He did the music from that advert...the one with the coloured balls bouncing around San one of his pieces. It was really lovely hearing him practice it around the house. Anyway, he's finished now and I've suddenly got a husband/father/general dogsbody (did I say that? Did I say that?) again.

Saturday is the South Wales Crop and Sue Bailey and I are teaching techniques and ideas we picked up at Bonanza. This is my version of one of my classes. Different papers, different everything really except the flappy bit at the bottom (the two squares open to reveal more space for photos and journaling). This layout is all about the many moods of Celyn, and we love her "whatever" that mood is. Eeeeeeeven when she's whiiiiiiiiiining.

The 'LOVE' bit is a sort of (but not really) steal from the famous Green Peace Love Art by Robert Indiana. I printed my chosen font out hoooooooge and then cut it out in black cardstock. Patterned paper is Melissa Frances and the ribbon is delicious and I want its babies (but I don't know what it is...May Arts probably). I've got a little Making Memories sticky jewel on the brad too, which is rather shiny-shiny (and therefore gorgeous).

Celyn and I were in that lovely garden of her friend yesterday after school, and they played in the paddling pool till they were (a) very cold and (b) prunes.'s just happiness.
Look at that girl posing though. She reminds me of a 1940s model. I'm a scrapping mum and I've unleashed a monster...a kid who is becoming very proficient in front of the camera!

Ooo ooo...big news is that Gloucester 2 retreat is FULL and it's not till the beginning of November!! And there's a growing reserve list too! We've got some great classes lined up because The Scrappers Unlimited design team is just fab! Fiona is published in this month's edition of The Scrapbook Magazine, and Julia and Rachel's work has both been requested by a magazine too, so they'll be in future editions.

It's all good!

And (no spoilers) but who saw Desperate Housewives on E4 last night? How dark was that?!! Poor Lynette. Poor Bree. (Great telly though!!!)


Kim said...

I saw Desperate Housewives last night, although I shouldn't as it's way past my bedtime. I thought the blonde B@#%h's makeup was good when she had been stung (can't remember her name)

Chrissie said...

Edie Britt...and yes her make-up was HILARIOUS!! Ooo ooo...another dark thing...those blummin' FINGERS! (that woman is LOOPY LA LA I tell you). AND the whole storyline with the black family...eeeeeeeek!

Taniwha said...

OMG! Poor Lynette, I felt like crying. I am soooooo hoping that it's not true and he's not shagging someone else?

Love Celyn's pose, that's so funny :D

Anonymous said...

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