Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What a happy day...

...*wink* thanks Sian Lloyd. Looks like she sorted the weather then. See where you get if you complain!

We had the most lovely day today. My girly-girl and I went over to her friend Melody's house (and I've become mates with her friend's mum, Sharon). Well poor Sharon wrote me a desperate email a couple of days ago, in the throes of the half-term holidays (and I quote):

"So far I have brushed invisible Celyn's hair. We have played hide and seek with invisible Celyn and also played in the sand pit. Help!!!!!"

So we arranged an in-the-flesh visit of the real Celyn for Melody to play with! LOL

And, yippee skippee, they've got a patio, patio furniture (with parasol) AND a lovely garden, all to go with this here sun-shiney weather. We sat out at lunchtime eating jacket potatoes, with salad and the most delicious homemade coleslaw. It was all just decadent happiness! Celyn and Melody played all day in a happy, happy manner, and then when Sharon and I started snapping some great shots of the kids with her fabby (better than mine) camera, I nipped home and grabbed my scrapping stuff and I happily taught her how to scrapbook. Outside. In the sunshine. Under the parasol. While the kids blew bubbles and did far-too-much-paint-swirly-paintings. Aaaah me.

Does life get any better?

The layout we did will be blogged tomorrow by the way.

Unfortunately, upon our departure Melody has now returned to asking Invisible Celyn if she would like some juice. Might just have to go over again sometime soon....WHAT a shame (heh heh).


Linz said...

Awwwwww bless, looks like they were having an absolutely fabby time.

So what camera has she got then?

Chrissie said...

She's got a Nikon D70, whereas I have the D50.

Linz said...

That's the one Gary's got - good isn't it :)

Sally said...

wow, what gorgeous piccies. Gonna look great on a layout with all those bubbles.

Deborah Duck said...

Sounds like an afternoon well spent, converted someone, and got some scrapworthy pics in the same afternoon. And I want her garden too.

Chrissie said...

Me three! It's a lovely garden!