Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well the Brecon Beacons retreat is tomorrow (and breeeeeeathe...) and both my classes are ready and I'm all excited about them. I finished work on my journaling class yesterday and thought I'd share...a bit...just a smidgen...just a tantalising morsel...

So we're going to be Journaling with Chutney. (I also do a Journaling with Doughnuts class too!). Why chutney? It's something to do with using poetry in your journaling (I can almost hear everyone clicking their mouses to shut down this blog RIGHT NOW - LOL). But believe the end of this class my ladies will be writing in iambic pentameter with imagery and all sorts. We'll be playing the piano, saying words out loud in various accents, looking at Picasso drawings, knowing what 'opsimath' means, and tapping out ti-TUM, ti-TUM, ti-TUM, ti-TUM, ti-TUM on the table. We'll be reading poetry from Wordsworth to Roger McGough, talking about volcanos, and staring at photos.

It's going to be a BLAST!! (I. Love. Teaching!)


Taniwha said...

I think I might loiter outside the door when this class is on, sounds like a right laugh!

See ya tomorrow honey :D

Chrissie said...

Don't loiter!!! Come on IN!!! :-D

See you tomorrow Mrs Kiwi SuckUp Van Hausen