Wednesday, March 22, 2006

{Lesson No. 1} Ballerinas blubber when over-tired...dramatic souls that they are

Celyn had her first ballet class yesterday. Talk about beside yourself. She was absolutely desperate to get in the class. Honestly, I could have bribed her with "no ballet if..." for days (if I was so inclined, which I'm not - LOL!). There were about 12 little ballet-slipper clad girlies who all had to walk in in single file, holding their skirt out and sit on little carpet mats placed in a circle (oop sorry...'magic carpet' ... beg your pardon...). The teacher wouldn't, of course, let me go in the room to watch, nor even watch through the fact she shooed me out of the building. So I scurried around the corner and pressed myself flat against a wall next to the fire door, in a Starsky & Hutch manner, and watched through there (but not for the whole lesson...I'm not THAT sad!). Celyn's face was just a delight. She was full of smiles and was just watching so intently so she could do everything right. She loved every minute of it. When she came out at the end, she asked if she could go again. "Of course love. You're going to go every week now". "No...can I go again NOW?" she asked. Desperate.

I have to say, this woman does seem a bit expensive though. £45 for 10 weeks of lessons, plus she charged £10 for the ballet slippers (all my friends seem to have paid around the £7 mark) and other exorbitant amounts of that flimsy skirt and leotard. AND £10 to 'register' her in the first place. And the lesson only lasted 45 minutes. Mmmm. Anybody out there who has a budding ballerina, let me know what you pay. I'd be interested to hear. But I think I'm being diddled a bit.

Anyway...there was obviously no way (except with the help of a black cat suit and a system of pulleys to hang from the ceiling unnoticed) I was going to get a photo of Celyn in her class, so I had to make do with pictures once she got home. But ballerinas who have been to school that afternoon as well as their first ever very very exciting ballet lesson are not happy about anything at all when it's nearly time for bed. We had tears and tantrums and dramas trying to get a photo.

My red nosed ballet dancer. Bless.


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mum there is things I would like to teach her but I will do it free, and she won't need expensive clothes just cute little panties and they won't be on for long,, she will need some knee pads and lube for her tight little arse