Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus!

It's just SCREEEEEEEEAMING to be scrapped now isn't it? I invaded Celyn's school yesterday and took photos of her and her classmates in all their Welsh finery. She's the gorgeous piece of scrumptiousness bottom left. They're all sooooo cute though (I of course do not include the teacher or LSA in that comment - LOL). And now it's a scrappin' I will go. If I can get past the guilt.

I just read the funniest article on UK Scrappers which honestly could have been written by me (except for the tea slurping, as tea is the dominion of my mother only in this household).

This soulmate of mine (I'll have to tell her...) explained that she had a whole day to herself...children at school, husband happily skipping off to work, and visions of wallowing in a scrapbooking bliss all day, producing 5 or 6 of the most fantastic layouts ever known to woman or dog. But before she embarked on her journey of Bazzill and glue dot delights she thought, "I’ll just have a shower" ...and now I quote her:

"I’d best clean the bathroom actually, I thought, as I wafted a towel and watched the fluff rise and fall on the side of the bath. I’ll just dry off my hair I thought. I’ll just dust my bedroom with a sock from the laundry bin, I thought, watching the dust billow up from the dressing table as a result of my wafting hairdryer… and before I knew it, it was 10.30 and I was in my underwear upstairs cleaning."

Welcome to my world sister.

And then...THEN...when you do actually have time to scrap (e.g. at a crop) your brain is so entirely fried and frazzled from all the work and organising and nurturing you've been doing for the previous month, that you sit there in a part catatonic state, chatting and shuffling paper around in front of you. But your Artbin looks good.

Anyway. My cold is (oh praise be all things Tixylix) nearly better. Current report is that the left tonsil is still slightly up but not too bad, I can breathe almost 100% through my nose again (just the odd violent sniff to clear the passages), and I'm coughing only once every half hour and it only woke me up once in the night. You have no idea how happy I am to be feeling like this. Nearly 3 weeks of it nearly sent me barking.

Perhaps I'll go and do some scrapping now I feel better. Better tidy the living room first...

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Jools said...

I agree, it is SCREAMING out to be scrapped - so get to it girl!!! :)