Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm soooo miiiiiiiseeeeeraaaaaable (hack, hack)

I'm sooooo miserable because I feel so ill still...all my nerve endings are throbbing, my glands feel like they’ve been doing a work-out, my nose is still full of snobs (as they say here in Wales), I sound like a rancid old codger when I cough and coughing makes my brain expand and pound against my temples (I’m sure that’s medically correct...). And sleep at night is just a joke. I was up for an hour around 4am (trawling around UK Scrappers) . I just really feel like indulging in a really good cry...but it would take too much energy. So I thought I'd come and whinge in my 'journal' instead.

Stitches was great fun (apart from the 7 mile walk to and from the car park!). It is just cool to see all the new stuff and see all those other people who just 'get it' like we do! The Scrappers Unlimited gang who were there (me, Fiona, Sue and Julia) gave our vote to Scrapbook World for most hospitable stand. Apart from the lovely products, they had several men in kilts wandering around (just a delight!) and truly scrumptious tablet fudge (which I ate far too much of) and we were offered Scottish mineral water bottles when thirsty, and there was somewhere to sit ( sit down. WHAT a joy…and a pleasant place to get chatting to other traders too). And the lovely Stacey Panassidi of Junkitz was there doing a fab make-n-take and giving out gorgeous pink Junkitz bracelets…we like, we like! She remembered me from Bonanza which I taught at last year. That was really sweet. And she's got a great sense of humour. Well done Scrapbook World. Also got chatting with Tim Holtz after his demo, and he remembered me from Bonanza too. Get me...what a name dropper - LOL!

I also enjoyed seeing Marilyn and the other rep from All My Memories again (she let me queue-jump with her in the cafeteria! And he (I apologise profuuuuuusely…can’t remember his name which is really awful) gave me such a lovely gift when we were leaving…bless him). It is genuinely nice meeting these people though...if they're nice then they're just nice to meet. I just don't do nasty people, it doesn't matter HOW 'famous' or 'in-crowd' or talented they are. Talking of famous...appaaaaaaarently Helena Bonham-Carter was on the Scrapgenie stand just minutes before we got there...she's a scrapbooker it seems. Bit mad eh?! I wonder if they could get a Hollywood Stars Crop going - LOL!

So what did we love product-wise then? Well...we loved the new Hermafix glue sheets that are coming out. Hermafix repo little dots of glue on a 12x12 you can easy-peasy glue a 12" length of ribbon or little teensy bits of paper cut into fonts from your Sizzix. We also loooooved (did plenty of stroking) the new colour red Artbin. Suddenly everyone on the Scrappers Unlimited team wanted one…!

As for papers, we thought these new released by Sassafrass Lass looked ych y fi in the catalogue but when we saw them in real life, we were ooing at aahing like a herd of cows.

And we absolutely loved all the new All My Memories stuff, especially the new albums and handbags (handbags I tell you! Fiona was practically dribbling).

However, I have to admit to craft-over-exposure by the end of the day…shock horror…but I was at full-on overload point and could take in no more pattern, colour or product information! How anyone went for two days is beyond me!

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Jackie said...

Wasnt scrapbook world just the best, and omg I was loving the tablet, havet had the real stuff for years (hubby comes from the same town as SW).

def craft product overload tho LOL, but it was really good fun.

sorry to have missed you x